My thoughts about Dreams in 2019

We started the Dreams year a little early on the 18th December 2018 with a Beta trial, initially for Newsletter fans and later for other interested people, ending on 14th February. The Beta attracted 21,700 creators, and they got stuck in creating from day one. If you followed my daily blog (after the NDA was lifted) you will know that I found Dreams very difficult to get along with. And I mean really difficult. I was determined that I would be able to create on this new platform, and I was willing to put in the time and effort to make that happen, though to start with I was not convinced and was very frustrated and at times depressingly disappointed with the game. Other people just didn’t hang around to put the time in to learn. The use of the DS4 controllers’ gyroscope was unusual, and many people found it just too difficult to cope with. It seems clear that using motion controllers is your best set -up if you want to sculpt in Dreams, but that is a very expensive addition to the PS (costs more money than the console itself) so I do not know how many Dreams creators have that option. Mm will be addressing the controller issues with a DS4 button version with the launch in February, however, I recommend to everyone that persevering and learning how to use the original system will probably give you the superior experience.

After the Beta was over we did not have long to wait until Early Access appeared. For a reduced price you could get your hands on Dreams (without the campaign story) between April 16th and 8th Dec 2019. For some reason there were those who chose not to take advantage of this, preferring to wait until launch. To those people I say, you missed out on:  1), you got the game straight away, no waiting, 2) You got the game at a reduced price with no more to pay at launch 3) You got almost an entire year to learn how to use the tools so that when it does launch you can make superior things. Approx 35,700 Dreams fans did sign up. My experience of EA was much better than Beta. You did not feel the time limitation hanging over you, forcing you to try everything at breakneck speed, and every creation you made added to your knowledge and skill with the game. You can tell from the quality of Dreams being made at the end of the year, that there were a few creators who had been working quietly without releasing things, only to enter the game with a big splash.

My YouTube channel went from 50 subscribers to 1,700, which is amazing, but a long way behind Mm and Project Genesis who get ten times the amount of views. I don’t know what I can do to improve the numbers, but I guess I just have to continue making content. I really enjoyed making the compilations, pick of the week and tutorial videos, and plan to continue doing that with also streams added in. Dreamschool has expanded gradually every week, though I appear to have lost my helpers and I am creating most of this on my own. If there is anyone out there who would like to work on this site with me then please let me know. It is difficult to keep adding to the website, make videos and create in Dreams at the same time.

I have played over 11,500 creations in Dreams and created over 500 myself. Dreams has been very entertaining for a over a year, and I am sure will continue to provide me with surprises into 2020. I made the Lexi Awards for YouTube where I chose my top 5 games in a selection of categories. There was some really tough decisions to make there, but I think I got a nice little collection of worthy levels ( though there were so many that deserved to be mentioned). I’ve already started the list of contenders for 2020 so I can do it all again next year.

Dreams has its frustrations as well as it joys. The continuing issues with the feed bug they introduced with the last update, and the fact that the feed filters are woefully inadequate to do any sort of systematic searching or allow you to easily manage your own content, means I cannot do some of the things I would like to. The thermometer, especially the gameplay thermo is still a mysterious and frustrating limitation to making what you want, and I have yet to find any good explanation that helps to keep that low. I have yet to prove my creating credentials with a hit level since the Beta, but then again I don’t make many Dreams, choosing instead to make elements and collections. To be honest it is not my focus. But we will see what 2020 brings.


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