Community Creations #24

Live streamed on Thursday 14th November.

Tom and Abbie are joined by Claire Blackshaw and Ed on sound

Video starts at 4:26 with a discussion on the new Twitch app

7:57 Under a Snowy Moon by hookline-dreamer
9:39 Monochrome Stairs (Visual Art) by PGrayOfficial
10:59 You and I All Night (Lexi Mix) Music Video by Sploder99 (music by MagickAlOne remixed by LadylexUK)
13:47 SlidEout 3019 by gauffreman
17:49 Magic.Rain.2 by Bracord
18:57 Rainbow Coast by Digitalthing
21:43 Robot Versus by histoire-ange
24:44 Taken by the Rust Part 1 by BADROBO82
29:49 Game Factory by Keduko_
33:50 June’s Journey by FluffyNSassy
38:09 Be Seeing You – Title Sequence by Morgan_the_one
41:37 Totally Normal Unicorn by Zanctinian
42:53 -Lab 55- by yoSweetT
48:20 Chibi Mech – Poochie by sleeperwolf
50:12 Morning Catch by MADatARMS
51:19 Futuristic Ship Collection by vitaming90
52:35 Wabby and Ducky’s Adventures (Work in progress) by SDorin



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