MM Jams: John Beech Tips and Tricks #1

Live streamed on Tues 12th Nov

Tom is joined by John Beech and Alex Evans. Start of a series where John makes a beach buggy (BEECH BUGGY)

Video starts at 3:14 (no sound until 4:08 possibly on purpose!)

Tips from the first half hour (sorry I am not able to transcribe the whole thing as this is a bit time consuming)

  1. Use a course grid to start so that objects are more likely to fit on the grid later.
  2. Put the floor guide on so that you make your object in the centre.
  3. Place a block at the centre of your object so you can activate the mirror tool. You can always delete the block afterwards.
  4. Use the ruler tool to get accurate scale.
  5. Make a template to act as your base for sculpting (it can be deleted later)
  6. Turn off the mirror indicator to make it easier to see.
  7. Turn on grid scaling tool (move only) so that the grid scales with the size of your sculpting brush.
  8. Use the stretch tool on a smaller sculpt rather than making a long sculpt for stamping.
  9. You can place the grid on any object, and it is a good idea to have a reference object set to the grid in case you find yourslef off grid and need to get back to it. Use L1 + Triangle. Also use the freeze tool on your reference so you cannot accidentally move it.
  10. You can group objects with one being on the grid and then move your off-grid object onto the grid by moving the group.




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