This Week in Dreams

Week 1-20
Week 21-30

Week 31 (11-17 Nov)

Week 31 (11-17 Nov)

Cute Critters open for entries
Night or Day at the Museum in voting

Last Weeks Chart

Most popular new releases

  1. Art Therapy by KeldBJones, AndymationB, OgTheEnigma, Pixel_Gorilla, theMediocrates
  2. Terry’s Big Adventure by Sir_Mosh
  3. Tower Ball Run by Dirty Harolds
  4. SlidEout 3019 by gauffreman
  5. Yoko’s Awakening by Roga89
  6. Soul Legacy (BETA) by Soul_ReaperZXI
  7. The Hunter 2 by ryan47
  8. Dreams’ Tools Exercise 4 by MonocledRobot
  9. Game boy island by Bender_Rodrigas
  10. Lawn mower game by cam_alty

Game updates and News

14 Nov Launch of Dreams Buddy for Twitch. Allows you to display the creation name and link to and shows 6 creations when you are not streaming. Only available for Twitch partners and affiliates (i.e. paying customers).

Golden Joystick awards Nov 15th. Dreams nominated for best PS4 game, and Media Molecule nominated for Studio of the year. They did not win either.

Media Molecule Live Streams

MM Jams: John Beech Tips and Tricks #1

Community Creations #24

Dreamschool Tutorials

Week 32 (18-24 Nov)

Week 32 (18-24 Nov)

Gamejams (change on Tuesday)

Theatre open for entries
Cute Critters in Voting
Night and Day at the Museum Winners

  1. Working Arts Museum by Sparten__X53
  2. Rob the Museum by arnoldochavez
  3. Museum of Dreams by rambainuzuka

Last Week’s Chart

  1. Rainbow Coast by Digital Thing
  2. South Park by GOGOSCOPE
  3. Bowling with Guns by Fyshokid
  4. Magic.Rain.2 by Bracord
  5. Wabby and Ducky’s Adventures (Work in progress) by SDorin
  6. First person spell-sword (WIP) by yoSweetT
  7. I Want To Be Remembered by The_Tenia and hymen_trouble
  8. Ultra Realistic Eye by MasterClasses
  9. Melt (Realism) by vitaming90
  10. Worlds | Level 1 by Godman250

I have noticed that levels launched on Sunday do not feature on the chart so I am going to see what is in the top 10 on Saturday and add that into the Sunday top 10 for next week

Game Updates and News

Media Molecule Live Streams

MM Jams – Kareem Stream #5

Community Creations #25

Dreamschool Tutorials added (Sorry none this week)

Week 33 (25 Nov – 1 Dec)

Week 33 (25 Nov – 1 Dec)


Theatre open for entries
Cute Critters open for voting (199 entries)

Last Weeks Chart

Most popular releases of the week

  1. Duet by byvsen
  2. Motorcycle Speedster trying not to crash but probably will by Appolonius
  3. The Golden Monkey by Yle_lebonsens
  4. Seventh Doll Machina by BukkoroChan
  5. The Bat’s Dreamland by XdsmmatX
  6. Magic.Raine ( map of the future game ZERO) by Bracord
  7. Fragile by Funk_97_ITA
  8. Ballistic Sentinel (Public test) by soft473
  9. The Relic (Water Tech Demo) by vitaming90
  10. Carousels: An inside look by Helekosi

Game Updates and News

None currently

MM Live Streams (Tuesday and Thursday)

Dreams under the Hood #2 with Alex Evans

Thursday: No stream on youTube or Twitch (possibly because of Thanksgiving)

Dreamschool Tutorials added this week

Making Of and Speed Builds

Week 34 (2nd – 8th Dec)

Gamejams (changes Tuesday)

Cute Critters Winners

  1. Wabby and Ducky’s Adventures (WIP) by SDorin
  2. Fuzzy and Snowflake by Grumpypickles5
  3. Raptor (wip) by Piece of Craft

Theatre open for entries
New Gamejam theme Winter Elements

Last Weeks Chart

Top 10 New releases for Week 33

Check out the video on my YouTube channel Dreams with LadylexUK

  1. A Verry Hillbilly Thanksgiving by The_Hog_Flu
  2. Overcooked Dreams Edition by iisc2k7 & marceilin98
  3. Star Wars: The End of the Jedi by Mystical_Vortex
  4. interior by SurrealSailor
  5. SPIDERMAN free roam demo by owenjones1001
  6. Shadows Dance at Olivetop Reach: A little RPG by Mandelbo
  7. Beach by patekkah
  8. Star Wars: Create your scene by frenchprodmusic
  9. Death Stranding by Nanhalka
  10. No One Here by Wargarble

Game Updates and News

Early Access ends on Sun 8th December. You will no longer be able to get it from the store at half price after December 7 at 3:59pm PST. Get it as soon as possible if you do not already. Access to Dreams will continue for those who already have it.

They have announced the Impy Awards for Jan 26th 2020. There are some categories voted for by the community you can vote on this link

Media Molecule Live Streams

MM Jams Kareem Dream Stream #6

Dreamschool Tutorials Added

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