Forum Quickies from July 2019

These are tips and hints from the Forum in July 2019. I have not checked the validity of any of these suggestions. Some come from Media Molecule, others are from members of the community.

  • Published items will appear in your feed even if you delete them from your local machine, so there is currently no way to tidy up the feed to have less items or put them in folders.
  • So that the controller only sends one signal at a time put the outputs into a selector.
  • You cannot use photos (like the cover photos) within a game as a display object.
  • To stop a keyframe from putting your character back to its original position when you only want it to move an arm, or get larger or something similar, make sure your keyframe is scoped into the character (or is in a microchip that is surface snapped to the character or character base).
  • Exclusive gates are for the whole scene and cannot be made local.
  • If you double click on one of the objects of a group it will select them all and you can affect universal changes to all of them by accessing one tweak menu. If you double click on ungrouped objects it will choose everything in the scene.
  • There is no current way to include text input into Dreams through the inbuilt keyboard
  • You can post different scores from two separate players locally (with multiple controllers) to the same scoreboard. Beginners Guide to Scoreboards
  • Sideways jumping: A simple and effective way of doing it would be taking the ‘Jump Ascent’ output from the Puppet Interface and wiring it into a mover.
  • If you are having probem with a character walking up stairs, make them non collidable and add an invisible slope underneath.
  • Transfering objects from the player to a hand (such as a hat) – make the object invisible on the head, make a hand held version of your object that is normally invisible and make it visible.
  • If you save an object out of a scene then choose to delete it, you will get a warning that the original scene will be affected. Do not worry, all that is happening is the update link to your deleted object will be removed. Your object in the scene will not suddenly disappear. Incidentally this also happens with collections when you delete local copies. The collection will pick up the live version of your object if you delete your local one, it will not remove it from your collection (unless of course your object was only local and never online (private or public).
  • You cannot change the size of a text box tail
  • Unlisting a creation will remove it from all feeds (searches, trending, newest, updates, Dream surfing, Your creations etc) however it does not remove it if it has been placed into a collection.
  • Teleporting an object will halt all movement momentum
  • If the range of a look at rotator gadget is too small at its maximum range try enlarging the gadget itself.
  • You cannot specify the starting position of the imp in a scene. Either orientate your scene around the starting point, or use a camera briefly at the position you want in a timeline. The imp wil then be in the last known camera position.
  • Watch out when creating assets. Make sure your character or sculpture is centred on the floor map and the grab point is on your object. If any of these are off the object will not be in the imp when added to a scene.
  • 3d panning on a sound effect will create a spot sound (sound will play local area only) turning it off will make a sound play in the whole scene (loud).



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