MM Jams #9

Streamed on Tuesday 6th August. For some reason this has been split over two videos.

Q&A with Rich Franke where he makes a space shoot-em-up called How to shmup (available in the Dreamiverse).

Video Part 1

Video starts at 5:06

7:25 Reveal of build
8:30 Building a spaceship movement mechanic
11:55 Demo of the game
12:14 Look at the gun mechanic
14:47 Demo of game
14:54 Discussion of Enemy AI
16:00 The Space Monsters
24:31 Demo of the game
25:41 Question: How to do a Starfield Dust field
29:38 Question: How to make speed trails with Kevin Watt
37:03 End of video

Video Part 2

0:30 The game is launched
2:06 Question: How to disguise joints with clothing?
6:38 Question: How to stop rotation in keyframes from going wonky? They discuss the difference beween IK and FK movement (forward kinematics vs inverse kinematics)
16:04 Animating a flying kick
21:12 Question: Can we do squash and stretch with keyframes? They then demostrate dislocating joints
23:39 Question: How to sculpt a bird beak
38:52 End of video

Part 1

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