Dreams etiquette, and why it is sometimes better to keep your negative opinions to yourself

A few years ago I used to review Project Spark creations. I did video and written reviews. If I didn’t like it I would say so. I would say if I thought the gameplay was bad, or the controls were awkward, or if the story was muddled. If the game did not look particularly good I would give them a poor rating. These were amateur creators and I think my reviews were probably upsetting. I didn’t think so at the time. At the time I was trying to give an honest critique so that people would know what were the good levels and what to avoid. It was impossible to tell from visitor or like numbers because Project Spark was seriously compromised by shady practices. But looking back at them, I am not happy. I dont think I was doing anyone a service with them. I do not do negative reviews on games made in Dreams.

Why not?

Well, firstly these games are not made by professionals. They are not asking for my money, and my opinion is not sought or warranted. Secondly, they probably thought their creation was pretty good, which is why they launched it. At least most people would think that (there were trolls who purposely launched rubbish just to fill the feeds and get achievements on Spark and I think there are similar sorts of people on Dreams (sadly)). I dont think tellling someone their level looks terrible or that it is boring is a nice thing to do. If I come across a level I do not like I do not thumb it up. Thats it. If I am doing a random review of levels and I come across something I dont like, I say nothing. I let my audience decide on whether that was worthy or not.

What happens if you do offend someone? Apologise. Say you didnt mean to. Say you chose your words badly and you are sorry they were offended. Chances are they will come back with “no worries” or something similar. Do not, double down on it. Do not call someone a snowflake, or over-sensitive, or stupid. Do not come across as angry. You offended someone, they are hurt, you have no right to be angry at that. Be big about it and just apologise and move on.

If you want to leave constructive criticism then that could be good. But make sure the recipient knows you liked their level as well. I sometimes fail at that point, and leave something constructive and it appears to be more devastating than I intended. What you should never do is be insulting, and there are some Dreamers who are going round doing that and getting blocked by people. Dont be that person. If you hate it. Leave it. Play something else. There are a lot of better things in Dreams to see. Do not waste your time on the bad stuff. And dont make yourself part of that bad stuff.


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