MM Jams – Kareem Dreams Stream #2

Streamed on YouTube and Twitch Tuesday 30th July 2019
Length: 1:26:21

Video starts at 4:27 and ends at 1:23:55

Kareem sculpts a sea god with the move controllers.

Tips that come from this video

  1. You can use the basic puppet as a poseable frame to sculpt with.
  2. Kareem uses a preparatory sketch from various angles.
  3. Kareem’s technique is to carve at large blocks using soft blend and hard cuts.
  4. He also uses the mirror tool to get a symmetrical shape.
  5. The starting point is very important. If you do not get it right you can struggle later. Do not be afraid to delete and re-do to get it right to begin.
  6. Your pose should look good from all angles.
  7. Use lights to help you create shadows and help you see your sculpture better. (White at front, blue at back)
  8. You can turn off the mirror guidelines without turning off the mirror (see the last toggle on the mirror tool).
  9. Kareem likes to use angular shapes for sculpting the face rather than round ones that would make it smooth.
  10. Start with a general form, do not go into the details straightaway.
  11. Do the face first, it is the hardest.
  12. Do not worry about deleting early sculpt ideas and going with the way the form is developing.
  13. The clavicle bone is important for creating the correct anatomical shape of the neck and chest. Add the bone structure before you put the muscles on top.
  14. Add more than you need so you can cut it back.
  15. You can hide separate parts while you sculpt with a tool in the main menu.
  16. If you are not making a character sculpt where the character is going to move you can make it more asymmetrical and blend over the joints.

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