MM Jams – Kareem Dreams Stream #1

Live streamed on Twitch on Tuesday 2nd July 2019

Kareem builds a cityscape from scratch. Sculpting with no plan or end game.


  1. Place your character for scale before you start.
  2. Limit your palette to  3 or 4 colours.
  3. If you do not tumble the Mixed colour choices, you get a different shade from the selection with every stamp.
  4. There is an option on the grid menu to automatically alter the size of the grid as you zoom so you can more accurately align objects together.
  5. The sculpt tool has its own clone.
  6. Play with looseness and the inner colour to get textures.
  7. Lighting is also important for creating textures from use of shadows.
  8. Mood boards such as Pinterest are very useful for reference and inspiration.
  9. Make modules that you can rotate and flip and use in different ways for more versatility.
  10. Highlights of a small amount of colour is most effective.

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