Tutorial Requests

Here is a list of the tutorial requests I have received through this website or my YouTube Channel. I cannot promise I will be able to work out a tutorial on all of these but please keep those ideas coming.

God of War style over the shoulder camera (This is not as easy as you might expect. I tried various methods, but could not get anything simple to work. However, other Dreamers have worked on it. Try remixing Over-the-Shoulder Camera Rig by Rhodocrone)
Animating a camera
Onion skinning animation
Animations for music
Character customisation
Sprite tutorial
Sculpting clothes
Climbing tutorial
Splash effects
Weapon wheel
Pathfinding AI
Instruments playing two notes at once 
Grab and swing – NeontheCoder did this while I was working on it, so I wont be doing this one.
Low Poly Sculpting
Gameplay Thermometer Explanation – I think I will leave this up to Media Molecule. It makes no sense to me either.
Portrait Painting

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  1. Not sure about sculpting clothes too well (my puppets are awful) but I did figure out how to make a skirt by accident. Paint with a ruler a line of wide flecks (I used square) from the hips of the puppet downwards and outwards at an angle. Tweak the painting to clone it all around in a circle and multiply clones to max. Make sure it’s attached to the correct part of the puppet (surface snap). Make it physical in the tweak menu, and alter tweak menu until you’re happy with how loose and flowy (or how heavy) the “cloth” looks. Tada!


  2. I’m trying to animate a small wobble when this string is plucked. Nothing crazy, just a little uniform up-and-down wobble by warping the finished sculpt with keyframes. But I can’t seem to figure out how to set two anchors and then warp the shape in-between. Is any of this possible in Dreams?

    Reference image: https://www.reddit.com/r/PS4Dreams/comments/d38kek/anyone_have_some_good_tutorials_on_rigging_i_have/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x


    1. Your best bet would be to animate a paint stroke rather than a sculpt using the onion skinning tool, however if you want to use a sculpt for visual reasons I would use traditional stop motion animation techniques and warp your wire in separate sculpts and animate using keyframes and the visibility toggle. I will have a go myself and see what works.


  3. Hello Ladylexuk,
    first a big thank you, for all your great tutorials, i appreciate this!

    I have a lot of experience with the little big planet editor, but i can not handle the control in dreams. I have to recentering the cursor every 10 seconds. To choose from the menubar i have to move my arms through the half room. This feels so awkward. I dont know, i do something wrong or i am to stupid?


    1. I dont have the drifting imp problem to that extent unless I have the controller wired when using remote play. Is your imp moving when you put it down on the table? Cant really help you with that one. However in terms of controlling the imp try changing the sensitivity in the settings. To do this go into a start fresh (any type) press options and the 3 dots, then controls. Change that about to see how this affects the speed of the imp movement.Then you need to learn how to move the controller. I hold it down in my lap with my arms close to the body. Move the controller without letting your arms move from your sides by twisting at your wrists. You move the controller body with your thumbs at the front and fingers at the back. Practice circling your imp and moving it around the edges of your screen. You should find that with practice your arms do not move at all.


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