MM Jam #6

Streamed Tuesday 25th June 2019

Rich, Liam and Tom add some collection quest gameplay to a toytown version of Guildford that they are building for the Guildford Games Festival.

Tips from the Stream

  1. Make your set in a modular way, reusing pieces by rotating them. Make your pieces different from each side so you can put variety into your level without adding to the thermo.
  2. Use the sculpture detail tool to show the pieces with the highest thermo marked in red.
  3. Use surface snap when spraypainting sculptures.
  4. Combine action recorder and keyframe poses.
  5. Put grid on before grabbing the rotator gizmo so it is easy to get it upright.
  6. You can add more affected objects to a destroyer with a wire, so it destroys whatever it is attached to and the extra objects.
  7. So that a sound plays before an object is destroyed, move the last dot on the Volume ADSR graph to the far right, this will lengthen the time the sound persists so it will sound after it is destroyed.
  8. At one point they use a keyframe to turn the power on, but stop themselves because they have not turned the power off first. This is not necessary, just press the power button twice and it will record the power going on.


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