Adding Emoji to the Text Displayer

The text display gadget supports three sets of icon/emoji shortcodes. You can also use these in level titles and descriptions

<nameoficonhere> and :nameofemoji: and \xhexcode;

Dreams icons (single colour)
These are primarily symbols from the tools and the controller and very useful for showing the player what button to press.

Note you will need to be logged in to the indreams website to access the page. This may require registration.



Emoji’s (full colour):
These are emojis that you find on many social media websites and apps. Includes emoticons, symbols, flags, arrows, shapes, and cartoon illustrations.

Note that not all the emoji shortcodes work in Dreams


Hex Codes (Colour and single colour) :
Also here:
(Note on that page it shows as U+ then a number/letter code. To use in Dreams you need to convert to \x. Again, not all symbols are available)
To use these type in \hexcode;
Note not all codes will work
Many of the symbols are identical to those found under the emoji list
You may also find special Dreams specific icons under:
The code \xf8fc; will give you a green dot
The code \xf8fd; will give you a purple Media Molecule man face
The code \xf8fe; will give you a gold imp with a winners wreath (Impy winner icon).
The code \xf8ff; will give you the blue impy nominee icon
Also check out this Dreams level by JimmyJ75 that shows some of the more interesting options

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