MM Picks

As of 13th June Media Molecule added a MM Picks section to the Dream Surfing section.
They chose 111 creations
By 9th Nov 2019 they had added a further 143 and renamed the pick selections.


Audio Visual (previously Watch & Listen)

Phat Elephant 3 Visuals Amenjo1 Audio Visual 13/6/19
Disarmed Sound Archive – Update V1 DISARMEDX Audio Visual 13/6/19
MUS/C Fsychokid Audio Visual 13/6/19
Liquid Dreams EP – Japan DNB remix dontgetfresh Audio Visual 13/6/19
MATTE DISARMEDX Audio Visual 13/6/19
Cubey music Jflo999 Audio Visual 13/6/19
Liquid Dreams EP -Track 2 dontgetfresh Audio Visual 13/6/19
MILK EP DISARMEDX Audio Visual 13/6/19
Dreamin’ (EP) Stormbrooks_ Audio Visual 13/6/19
Memories – UK Tech mix (extended remix) Amenjo1 Audio Visual 13/6/19
Retro Electro – Fork Handles Remix Amenjo1 Audio Visual 13/6/19
Amenjo Amenjo1 Audio Visual 13/6/19
Quantum Sphere DanPer_237 Audio Visual 13/6/19
Liminal Express DanPer_237 Audio Visual 13/6/19
Organica Amenjo1 Audio Visual 13/6/19
RADICAL TheOneironaut Audio Visual 13/6/19
AESTHETIC zerosweven Audio Visual 13/6/19
Into the mind JMBarr- Audio Visual 13/6/19
Purple Pants Seuprise Episode 5 – Out Now! SonicDeff Audio Visual 13/6/19
STRANDED – ALL Teasers DreamTinder Audio Visual 13/6/19
Waking Up JavierVillalba3D Audio Visual 13/6/19
Playstation 1 Startup njm1992 Audio Visual 13/6/19
Living clock screensaver Agarwel Audio Visual 13/6/19
Sacred geometry Visualisations 13 Amenjo1 Audio Visual 13/6/19
MORPHEUS AN Interactive Experience (1.1) PGray_Official Audio Visual 9/11/19
Bubblebath Chill Time heavenideas Audio Visual 9/11/19
Astrolacuna ORD6 Audio Visual 9/11/19
Sky Funk_97_ITA Audio Visual 9/11/19
UKG dontgetfresh Audio Visual 9/11/19
It Glows I_Require_Loops Audio Visual 9/11/19
Make it right dontgetfresh Audio Visual 9/11/19
Starstruck dontgetfresh Audio Visual 9/11/19
Feel the Void DioHannibal & BacktoMan Audio Visual 9/11/19
The Last Dreamer BacktoMan Audio Visual 9/11/19
Carbondale jc04tu Audio Visual 9/11/19
<Chakra-La> MaJiCkALOne Audio Visual 9/11/19
Robot Love beatlebum Audio Visual 9/11/19
Silhouette Sunset “Alone” by Clever Trev spiYdrz Audio Visual 9/11/19
Acoustic Original “Life in You” Recorded Entirely in DREAMS” spiYdrz Audio Visual 9/11/19
DISTANT VOICES ZIIQ and BAcktoMAn Audio Visual 9/11/19
Darkloop <Procedural Dark Ambient> doepfish Audio Visual 9/11/19
dicA (Psytrance) BacktoMan Audio Visual 9/11/19
Planetary view Ambient_Mood Audio Visual 9/11/19
City’s Rhythm Gutterkisser Audio Visual 9/11/19
Soothing Tones dontgetfresh Audio Visual 9/11/19
Acid Funk_97_ITA Audio Visual 9/11/19
Cherish dontgetfresh Audio Visual 9/11/19
Green Guy byvsen Audio Visual 9/11/19
YAMERO suXin Audio Visual 9/11/19
Spinny Glow Clock Yesterday by Hypertronik EvilKimau Audio Visual 9/11/19
Beta Simulated AppleSquidd Audio Visual 9/11/19
Acid Waxed Amenjo1 Audio Visual 9/11/19
The Pillars of Creation DrowsyBadger Audio Visual 9/11/19
Bottle Cap Challenge oooDORIENooo Audio Visual 9/11/19
A Dream of Space CrossFire_JaY Audio Visual 9/11/19
Liquid FunK_97_ITA Audio Visual 9/11/19
The Gift ryan47 Audio Visual 9/11/19
the swarm doepfish Audio Visual 9/11/19
The Dentist heavenideas Audio Visual 9/11/19
Wizards house Martinitydk Audio Visual 9/11/19



Games & Games 2 (formerly Play & Interact)

Jumpspace Reactor by doepfish doepfish Game 13/6/19
Metal Mother by MadPropz101 MadPropz101 Game 13/6/19
Rock Run by Jack-_-Power Jack-_-Power Game 13/6/19
Ecco Chamber by Warbringer1109 Warbringer1109 Game 13/6/19
Prometheus – FPS Demo by rothniel rothniel Game 13/6/19
TacticShooter – TPS by Denjo92 Denjo92 Game 13/6/19
Tower Demolition Collection cam_alty Game 13/6/19
Ramp 3D by GlitchMazter7 GlitchMazter7 Game 13/6/19
Ragdoll Sandbox v0.2w by doepfish doepfish Game 13/6/19
3 axis rotator (Ring Movement update) by Nikidan Nikidan Game 13/6/19
The Game of Life by TrenchBucket Trenchbucket Game 13/6/19
Chaotic Pendulum by phort phort Game 13/6/19
Battle tops! by Sumasshu Sumasshu Game 13/6/19
King of the Ring Tournament (2-16 players) by purple105 purple105 Game 13/6/19
Paddle Extreme Ultra DX Final Mix by Nicco555 and Computer_Cat Nicco555 and Computer_Cat Game 13/6/19
Gunblood – Western Shootout by Majoneskongen and narvikgutten Majoneskongen and narvikgutten Game 13/6/19
SamurEye Slash by Benji_Dixon Benji_Dixon Game 13/6/19
Imp Golf by j_plusb j_plusb Game 13/6/19
Castaway by SlurmMacKenzie and gauffreman SlurmMackenzie and gauffreman Game 13/6/19
Gold Valley by RbdJellyfish RbdJellyfish Game 13/6/19
The Mystic Realms by AGACY AGACY Game 13/6/19
The Tomb (Escape Game) by SlurmMacKenzie SlurmMackenzie Game 13/6/19
Winter Search by MsKittyPowers MsKittyPowers Game 13/6/19
Tropical Egg Hunt by leklack leklack Game 13/6/19
Tap X to Survive by rose_aleria rose_aleria Game 13/6/19
Fret Star by j_plusb j_plusb Game 13/6/19
Connie’s weird adventure Keduko_ Game 13/6/19
The Rake by j_plusb j_plusb Game 13/6/19
Dream Ski by Pixel_Gorilla Pixel_Gorilla Game 13/6/19
Divide by Deimatic Deimatic Game 13/6/19
Domino Forever by urbandevill urbandevill Game 13/6/19
Quadlite by mistwinsounds mistwinsounds Game 13/6/19
2p Machine by oooDORIENooo oooDORIENooo Game 13/6/19
Balls and Holes by oooDORIENooo oooDORIENooo Game 13/6/19
Tilt! by Skn3– Skn3- Game 13/6/19
Time Corruption by SlurmMackenzie SlurmMackenzie Game 13/6/19
Reflection by SlurmMackenzie SlurmMackenzie Game 13/6/19
Shifting Islands by SlurmMackenzie SlurmMackenzie Game 13/6/19
Polarity by Slurm Mackenzie SlurmMackenzie Game 13/6/19
Porto by Cubixphere Cubixphere Game 13/6/19
Otto’s Misadventure in the Wonderverse by DrunkenFist_Lee DrunkenFist_Lee Game 13/6/19
The Last Upgrade by scarybiscuit scarybiscuit Game 13/6/19
Neonmancer by henryhopkinbrown henryhopkinbrown Game 13/6/19
Cave In by DrowsyBadger DrowsyBadger Game 13/6/19
Llama Quest by j_plusb j_plusb Game 13/6/19
Beat-Man by Erkimet Erkimet Game 13/6/19
The Offroad Lands by Majoneskongen and narvikgutten Majoneskongen and narvikgutten Game 13/6/19
Ball World Adventures! Part One by xXRazorfistXx xXRazorfistXx Game 13/6/19
JumpSouls by COB-Commander COB-Commander Game 13/6/19
Wildfire by j_plusb j_plusb Game 13/6/19
2d Jack – v1.85 (speedrun scoreboard) by Paulo-Lameiras Paulo-Lameiras Game 13/6/19
Just Cube Things by ObviouslyMike ObviouslyMike Game 13/6/19
FPS Ninja ryouchan-0000 Game 9/11/19
Evil monologue CelerCarbon Game 9/11/19
The Gravity Garden radishlord Game 9/11/19
Duck Quacks Dont Echo OgTheEnigma Game 13/6/19
The Saltine Sea MonBeeb Game 9/11/19
Proptosis Pete Splapp-me-do Game 9/11/19
Yoko’s Escape Roga89 Game 9/11/19
Panis pot Mm_pfield Game 9/11/19
Zdex – Temple of flies Part 1 & 2 ZakYel_ Game 9/11/19
BRACKISH mBergs and CptSteam513 Game 9/11/19
BUG REPORT ED-209b Game 9/11/19
Tic Tac Toe NThraK Game 9/11/19
Spot the Difference oooDORIENooo Game 9/11/19
Driven to Death RedSoakedSponge Game 9/11/19
Pinball Table – Steampunk Factory FluffyNSassy Game 9/11/19
Beech pool THE_ARCHITECT Game 9/11/19
Player Piano Player Enigma_0123 Game 9/11/19
Sanitation Worker MostModest Game 9/11/19
ATOMFALL CrossFire_JaY Game 9/11/19
Beta Chess xxTheLibrarian Game 9/11/19
Definitely a Fashion Show RbdJellyfish Game 9/11/19
Ruckus – Just another Natural Disaster HeartFactory-KW + 4 Game 9/11/19
Lightbulb Emoji SlurmMackenzie Game 9/11/19
Shweetdude Pinball v1.3 Shweetdude Game 9/11/19
Comet Grab TrenchBucket Game 9/11/19
Tilt Shift Cackfrog Game 9/11/19
Phantom in the Blue syanisu530 Game 9/11/19
Punch! Kick! Body Check! Rikitatsu-8 Game 9/11/19
Kaiju – City Rampage SwiftAyama Game 9/11/19
A Wizards Observatory Fr0d0_FragginS79 Game 9/11/19
Great Job Human! the_burgervan Game 9/11/19
Button Smashing (Minigame) Hanfi1211 Game 9/11/19
STICKeeeS(Switch MAze) neji-203 Game 9/11/19
Wind-Up (Isometric Action) Fireburn02 Game 9/11/19
Escape Mr Square (2D Puzzle Platformer) Mockolad Game 9/11/19
Twin Stick Roller and Ancient times Adventure MrCaseyJones Game 9/11/19
Ommy Kart ManChickenTurtle Game 9/11/19
Bugs V Frogs – The Game FluffyNSassy Game 9/11/19
Cubric the_burgervan Game 9/11/19
PIXEL WARZ Sir_Mosh Game 9/11/19
Mountain girl histoire-ange Game 9/11/19
Pig Detective 2 = Adventures in Cowboy Town SdeReu and Lotte_Double Game 9/11/19
Colour with Crayons MarmiteforMe Game 9/11/19
Dreams Mini Golf v1.1 TheConfidenceMan Game 9/11/19
Foolball Nemca Game 9/11/19
Dream Golf (1-4 players) olit123 Game 9/11/19
Coin Me Ishmael KeldBjones and AndymationB Game 9/11/19
The Outer Depths (Chapters 1 -4) greatscott2204 Game 9/11/19
Tower Ball Run DirtyHarolds Game 9/11/19
Stopper oooDORIENooo Game 9/11/19
Turn Out the Lights slamdonahue Game 9/11/19
Southpaw Cooking Kapten_basse Game 9/11/19
Drop Ball RurouniDan Game 9/11/19
Nexus Mystical_Vortex Game 9/11/19
2d Platformer simora2873 Game 9/11/19
Opposite Day 2: Regular Day MrCaseyJones Game 9/11/19
Swordless Knight Paulo-Lameiras Game 9/11/19
Rolling Cubes – Bigger Boards oooDORIENooo Game 9/11/19
Happy Jack dinox11 Game 9/11/19
Re-Mind JimmyJules153 Game 9/11/19
Shadow Ball DirtyHarolds Game 9/11/19
Tipping Point sanderobros Game 9/11/19
Trick r Treat Digitalthing Game 9/11/19
witchy woods Awesome_David Game 9/11/19
PIXEL- Road GODSMACK-NL Game 9/11/19
River Raft zanders3 Game 9/11/19
Rogue State ED-209b Game 9/11/19
The Cone Wars ED-209b Game 9/11/19
Pip Gemwalker ManChickenTurtle Game 9/11/19
Thin Air sanderobros Game 9/11/19
puppet knight dream tototidoppa Game 9/11/19
Cat Nav ED-209b Game 9/11/19
Wingsuit World TheLOSToneNL Game 9/11/19
The Hidden Treasure Chris_Redwalker6 Game 9/11/19
Terry’s Big Adventure Sir_Mosh Game 9/11/19
Art Therapy KeldBjones and AndymationB Game 9/11/19
Feufollet – Chapter 1 demo Orioto and UnMecRandom Game 9/11/19

Showcases (previously Showcases & Demos)

Space Grunt by Entropy-Tamed Entropy_Tamed Showcase 13/6/19
Dragon Showcase by gauffreman gauffreman Showcase 13/6/19
Demon’s Penance Teaser by Tomek_Mrozinski Tomek_Mrozinski Showcase 13/6/19
Experiments by Flipyap Flipyap Showcase 13/6/19
HAUS of BEVIS by Bevis2 Bevis2 Showcase 13/6/19
The City of Amalsa by Aeterno9 Aeterno9 Showcase 13/6/19
Render experiments by shine3p shine3p Showcase 13/6/19
Birds, Blossoms & Beauty – Visual Presentation by DISARMEDX DISARMEDX Showcase 13/6/19
Chinese New Year: At the temple by dirtyharry_44 and anna-april dirtyharry_44 and anna-april Showcase 13/6/19
Cookie Jar Gallery by Tomek_Mrozinski Tomek_Mrozinski Showcase 13/6/19
High Speed Hover Craft Demo (WIP) by marcilein98 and bigsurf77 marcilein98 and bigsurf77 Showcase 13/6/19
The Encounter by bigsurf77 and marcilein98 marcilein98 and bigsurf77 Showcase 13/6/19
Ultra realistic FPS prototype by VirtuallyVain VirtuallyVain Showcase 13/6/19
Woodland’s Bakery (Daytime Version) by codibear8383 codibear8383 Showcase 13/6/19
thank you Mm, enjoy the view! by DISARMEDX DISARMEDX Showcase 13/6/19
sandbox shooter by Adayam0 Adayam0 Showcase 13/6/19
Wistman’s Wood by RadLaddy RadLaddy Showcase 13/6/19
Realistic Bedroom by Computer_Cat and NIcco555 Computer_Cat and Nicco555 Showcase 13/6/19
Book of the Dragon by Tomek_Mrozinski Tomek_Mrozinski Showcase 13/6/19
Warmth on a Desolate Mountain Slope (Scenery) by marcilein98 and bigsurf77 marcilein98 and bigsurf77 Showcase 13/6/19
Starry Night by TheOneironaut TheOneironaut Showcase 13/6/19
Starlight Origins (WIP) by The Futuristic5-X The Futuristic5-X Showcase 13/6/19
Jungle Ronald and the Journey through the Underworld jack_pohler_2002 Showcase 13/6/19
Praying Mantic Showcase by Lidas Lidas Showcase 13/6/19
Spring Pavilion by Lidas Lidas Showcase 13/6/19
Unknown Island, Indian Ocean by Lidas Lidas Showcase 13/6/19
Apartment Showcase espen_tf Showcase 13/6/19
Factory by Adayam0 Adayam0 Showcase 13/6/19
LittleBigPlanet Theme Park (WIP) by Rhodochrone Rhodochrone Showcase 13/6/19
A Haunted Mansion (Arboretum Added) by MrSandwiches MrSandwiches Showcase 13/6/19
(GG) A way home by SlurmMackenzie SlurmMackenzie Showcase 13/6/19
Freeride by PlasticDuck963 PlasticDuck963 Showcase 13/6/19
Ryans Creatures ryan47 Showcase 9/11/19
The Continent of Sousonat Aeterno9 Showcase 9/11/19
Art Tutorial – Overgrown mBergs Showcase 9/11/19
Taran’s Place Lynnare Showcase 9/11/19
Grimy (Teaser) Jazzmooz Showcase 9/11/19
The Reff: Diving Concept Sharks Arrive Lidas Showcase 9/11/19
Topher Thebes and the Enchanted Crystal VerbalCreative Showcase 9/11/19
monolith knight papico412 Showcase 9/11/19
Bahto likes Bones zerosweven Showcase 9/11/19
Outpost 60 BrianTaylor60 Showcase 9/11/19
EggBot BobTox Showcase 9/11/19
Industrial District 2119 CSCDLLA Showcase 9/11/19
BUD-E The Chatbot v0,02 MacForaday Showcase 9/11/19
Escape Mysterious House Demo OfficialZom-B Showcase 9/11/19
Recreations of my old paintings Martinitydk Showcase 9/11/19
Mimeo Prophecy raz0rbackzwei Showcase 9/11/19
Rome Action RPG Prinz_Laser Showcase 9/11/19
Thrust Force Rabagast Showcase 9/11/19
Sharing a memory cgCody Showcase 9/11/19
The Throne Room ZIIQ Showcase 9/11/19
It’s a Sunset Lookout ItsDig Showcase 9/11/19
The Hunter 2 ryan47 Showcase 9/11/19
Dreams Guild – Steampunk Showcase GentlemanTom + 3 Showcase 9/11/19
Nosferatu Suthurnur and AndymationB Showcase 9/11/19
The Dreams Mind Reader jester946 Showcase 9/11/19
Grid pix 1 oooDORIENooo and 11 others Showcase 9/11/19
UnTempered inasense48 Showcase 9/11/19
Thadeus the Wizard poonie96 Showcase 9/11/19
Cruiser Ultimaxat Showcase 9/11/19
Phenomenon MasterClasses and KAzUOTOKy0 Showcase 9/11/19
Working arts Museum Sparten__X53 Showcase 9/11/19


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