MM Picks

As of 13th June Media Molecule added a MM Picks section to the Dream Surfing section. These are the levels that can be found there.

Watch & Listen


Phat Elephant 3 Visuals by Amenjo1
Disarmed Sound Archive – Update V1 by DISARMEDX
MUS/C by Fyschokid
Liquid Dreams EP – Japan DNB remix by dontgetfresh
Cubey music by JFlo999
Liquid Dreams EP (chilled out dnb) Track 2 by dontgetfresh
Dreamin’ (EP) by Stormbrooks_
Memories – UK Tech mix (extended remix) by Amenjo1
Retro Electro – Fork Handles Remix by Amenjo1
Amenjo by Amenjo1

Quantum Sphere by DanPer_237
Liminal Express by DanPer_237
Organica by Amenjo1
RADICAL by TheOneironaut
AESTHETIC by zerosweven
Into the mind by JMBarr-
Purple Pants Seuprise Episode 5 – Out Now! by SonicDeff
STRANDED – ALL Teasers by DreamTinder
Waking Up by JavierVillalba3D
Playstation 1 Startup by njm1992
Living clock screensaver by Agarwel
Sacred geometry Visualisations 13 by Amenjo1

Play & Interact


Jumpspace Reactor by doepfish
Metal Mother by MadPropz101
Rock Run by Jack-_-Power
Ecco Chamber by Warbringer1109
Prometheus – FPS Demo by rothniel
TacticShooter – TPS by Denjo92

Tower Demolition Collection by cam_alty and camsalty5
Ramp 3D by GlitchMazter7
Ragdoll Sandbox v0.2w by doepfish
3 axis rotator (Ring Movement update) by Nikidan
The Game of Life by TrenchBucket
Chaotic Pendulum by phort

Battle tops! by Sumasshu
King of the Ring Tournament (2-16 players) by purple105
Paddle Extreme Ultra DX Final Mix by Nicco555 and Computer_Cat
Gunblood – Western Shootout by Majoneskongen and narvikgutten
SamurEye Slash by Benji_Dixon
Imp Golf by j_plusb

Castaway by SlurmMacKenzie and gauffreman
Gold Valley by RbdJellyfish
The Mystic Realms by AGACY
The Tomb (Escape Game) by SlurmMacKenzie
Winter Search by MsKittyPowers

Tropical Egg Hunt by leklack
Tap X to Survive by rose_aleria
Fret Star by j_plusb
Connie’s weird adventure
The Rake by j_plusb
Dream Ski by Pixel_Gorilla

Divide by Deimatic
Domino Forever by urbandevill
Quadlite by mistwinsounds
2p Machine by oooDORIENooo
Balls and Holes by oooDORIENooo
Tilt! by Skn3–

Time Corruption by SlurmMackenzie
Reflection by SlurmMackenzie
Shifting Islands by SlurmMackenzie
Polarity by Slurm Mackenzie
Porto by Cubixphere
Otto’s Misadventure in the Wonderverse by DrunkenFist_Lee

The Last Upgrade by scarybiscuit
Neonmancer by henryhopkinbrown
Cave In by DrowsyBadger
Llama Quest by j_plusb
Beat-Man by Erkimet
The Offroad Lands by Majoneskongen and narvikgutten

Ball World Adventures! Part One by xXRazorfistXx
JumpSouls by COB-Commander
Wildfire by j_plusb
2d Jack – v1.85 (speedrun scoreboard) by Paulo-Lameiras
Just Cube Things by ObviouslyMike

Showcases & Demos


Space Grunt by Entropy-Tamed
Dragon Showcase by gauffreman
Demon’s Penance Teaser by Tomek_Mrozinski
Experiments by Flipyap
HAUS of BEVIS by Bevis2
The City of Amalsa by Aeterno9
Render experiments by shine3p
Birds, Blossoms & Beauty – Visual Presentation by DISARMEDX
Chinese New Year: At the temple by dirtyharry_44 and anna-april
Cookie Jar Gallery by Tomek_Mrozinski
High Speed Hover Craft Demo (WIP) by marcilein98 and bigsurf77
The Encounter by bigsurf77 and marcilein98
Ultra realistic FPS prototype by VirtuallyVain
Woodland’s Bakery (Daytime Version) by codibear8383
thank you Mm, enjoy the view! by DISARMEDX
sandbox shooter by Adayam0
Wistman’s Wood by RadLaddy
Realistic Bedroom by Computer_Cat and NIcco555
Book of the Dragon by Tomek_Mrozinski
Warmth on a Desolate Mountain Slope (Scenery) by marcilein98 and bigsurf77
Starry Night by TheOneironaut
Starlight Origins (WIP) by The Futuristic5-X
Jungle Ronald and the Journey through the Underworld
Praying Mantic Showcase by Lidas
Spring Pavilion by Lidas
Unknown Island, Indian Ocean by Lidas
Apartment ETF by espen_tf
Factory by Adayam0
LittleBigPlanet Theme Park (WIP) by Rhodochrone
A Haunted Mansion (Arboretum Added) by MrSandwiches
(GG) A way home by SlurmMackenzie
Freeride by PlasticDuck963



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