Dreams Diary: What happened week by week

Latest at the top. Mon-Sun.

Week 19 (19 – 25 Aug)

Summer Camp
Underwater Kingdom in Voting

Charts (updates Sunday)

Media Molecule attending Gamescom in Cologne 20-24 Aug
Holding a Community Meetup at Hall 7, Playstation Booth on Wed 23rd Aug at 5pm-6pm

Game Updates

Media Molecule Streams (none due to Gamescom)

Dreamschool Tutorials added:


Week 18 (12 – 18th Aug)

Gamejams (changeover Tuesday)

Summer Camp Announced
Underwater Kingdom in Voting

Charts (updates Sunday)

Position Name Creator Likes
1 Ommy Kart ManChickenTurtle 484
2 The Road to ElectroFest Entropy-Tamed 354 (955)
3 Andy’s Room bigdaddy566 315 (563)
4 SUNDAY ED-209b 274
5 web swing simulator nukazukelife 271
6 Naruto vs Sasuke (Fan Film) SonicSympothy 244
7 calcium quest famousprophet 223
8 A Not Normal Field Trip Dragon_Fire0376 214
9 Super Metroid II – Vadomi Campbell464 213
10 Summer delicacies XdsmmatX 201 (475)

Numbers in brackets are total likes, otherwise the number shown is likes added this week.

The following levels also appeared in Trending with like levels higher than 201, but it could not be established how many of the likes were made this week or how many were historical:
Light Trails by Tomm3hgunn
Pig Detective 1: A Little Trouble in Little Cologne by SdeReu
Yoko’s Escape by Roga89
Kevin and the Temple of Elements by Melar20
Obis Machina Episode 1 by KeithOMahony
Cannon Mayhem Demo by duckenomics
Marble Madness by estreetshuffle93

Of the top 50 most Thumbed up levels only Comic Sands by Media Molecule with 240 likes would have been placed in the top 10.

News None

Game Updates v1.08 To fix issues with Gamejam Voting

Media Molecule Streams

Tuesday Rich and David make a cat catapult
Thursday 22 Community creations shown

Dreamschool Tutorials added:


Week 17 (5  – 11th Aug)

Gamejams (changeover Tuesday):

SuMmer Festival winners announced:

  1. The Road to ElectroFest by Entropy-Tamed
  2. Summer delicacies by XdsmmatX and Superadri21
  3. Percy’s Paradise by CptStream513


Underwater Kingdom
Due to a bug in the Gamejam system the Underwater Kingdom Gamejam has been extended by 1 week. No new theme, no voting this week.

Charts (updates Sunday)

Top 10 New Dreams of the Week
Total number of likes recorded this week only for new levels that have been featured in Trending.

1 The Road to ElectroFest Entropy-Tamed 449 (601)^
2 The Other Side Tomek_Mrozinski 309
3 Rome Action RPG (Alpha Build) Prinz_Laser 295
4 Summer delicacies XdsmmatX 274*
5 The Sunken Kingdom of Lyberith SakkusMind 271
6 Percy’s Paradise CptSteam513 256*
7 Andy’s Room bigdaddy566 247
8 Minecraft Story Mode necrago1000 206 (310)^
9 Percy’s Paradise CptSteam513 195*
10 Driven to Death RedSoakedSponge 176

^These levels were featured in trending last week also. The number in brackets is the total likes overall
*These levels were not released this week, and were not in Trending last week or had less than 50 likes. It is not possible to accurately determine the number of likes recorded for this level this week only.

Of the top 50 Most thumbed up levels, these had like numbers that would have put them in the top 10 if they had been featured in Trending:
Comic Sands  by Media Molecule 288 likes
Prometheus by rothniel 241 likes
Please Hug Me by Media Molecule 184 likes
Curiosity by DISARMEDX 178 likes

News None

Game Updates None

Media Molecule Live Streams

Tuesday Rich Franke  and Kevin Watt answer your questions.
No Thursday Stream due to Nandos Workshop

Dreamschool Tutorials added:


Week 16 (29th July – 4th Aug)

Gamejams : Underwater Kingdom, SuMmer Festival in voting

Top 10 of the Week*

  1. Utopia Under the Sea by vitaming90  = 247 likes
  2. Colour with Crayons by BigBoyJB71 = 244 likes
  3. The Outer Depths Chapter Three Demo by greatscott2204 = 240 likes
  4. Scary Carnotaurus by byvsen =235 likes
  5. RIDGE RACER by autofan999 = 232 likes
  6. (No English name) by toshinohaya  = 230 likes
  7. Spiderman test area by boost4444 = 225 likes
  8. BATMAN the Animated Series by culosman = 201 likes
  9. Puppet+ (Procedural Animations) by Elca_Gaming = 195 likes
  10. The Crayonas by Reddish Boat = 192 likes
*The method used for this week was to record any level that appeared in Trending every day with more than 90 likes and counting the number of likes for all levels recorded at the end of the week (Sunday morning), then sorting them by amount. This does not take into account any levels that do not appear in the Trending feed or unlisted levels. I am going to expand this to include levels over 50 likes for future lists.

Top 3 Most Liked: Prometheus-FPS Demo by rothniel (22k), Dreamiverse Dash by Media Molecule (20k), Curiosity by DISARMEDX (18k)
Of Top 50 most thumbed up levels the following got the most likes this week:

  1. Comic Sands by Media Molecule = 277 likes
  2. Prometheus-FPS Demo by rothniel = 264 likes
  3. Please Hug Me by Media Molecule = 194 likes
  4. Curiosity by DISARMEDX = 176 likes
  5. P.T (EA 1.00) by lewisc729 = 156 likes
  6. = Hammer Panic by Media Molecule = 154 likes
    =Playstation1 Startup by njm1992 = 154 likes

8. Dreamiverse Dash by Media Molecule = 138 likes
9. Dexter’s Lab by cuosman = 132 likes
10. Mario Dreams v0.71 by Pin_Pal = 117 likes

News: Media Molecule is holding a workshop in association with Nandos on Thursday Aug 8th. Tickets available here:

Game updates: (1 Aug 2019) v1.07 “Red” Changes to the way we save levels into categories. Number of players currently playing a Dream shown. Changes to relevant and similar suggestions when in edit mode and some minor bug fixes. Notifications moved to the left of the screen.

Media Molecule Live Streams
Tuesday Kareem sculpts a Sea God
Thursday 37 Community Creations shown




Dreamschool Tutorials added this week:


Week 15 (22nd -28th July)

Gamejams (Changeover 23rd July):
Winner of In the City: Sky Glow City by Re-Lycoris
SuMmer Festival in Voting
Underwater Kingdom Announced



Feeds as of 22nd July:

Top 3 Trending: Pulp Fiction-Saint Mia by Funk_97_ITA, Percy’s Paradise by CptSteam513, Playing Tag at Night with Friends by AndymationB

Top 3 Most Liked: Prometheus-FPS Demo by rothniel (22k), Dreamiverse Dash by Media Molecule (20k), Curiosity by DISARMEDX (18k)

News: Media Molecule will be demonstrating at Gamescom 2019 in Cologne 20-24 Aug, and then PAX West in Seattle Aug 30-2 Sep.

Game Updates: None

Media Molecule Streams
Tuesday Underwater set design with a submarine, jellyfish and ….DISCO!
Thursday No Community creations stream this week due to the heat

Dreamschool Tutorials added this week:



Week 14 (15th -21st July)

Gamejams: SumMer Festival, In the City in Voting

Feeds as of 15th July:

  • Top 3 Trending: Definitely a Mosh Pit by RbdJellyfish/ Phreakerz / Typhus667, Super Mario Explorer by Gravitopia-64, Alex Clockwork-Orange by Funk_97_ITA
  • Top 3 Most Liked:  Prometheus-FPS Demo by rothniel (21k), Dreamiverse Dash by Media Molecule (19k), Curiosity by DISARMEDX (18k)

News: Reveal of Media Molecules new stream room with green screen.

Game Updates None

Media Molecule Streams

Tuesday The Team build a Music Festival Set with music and sheep
Thursday 24 Community creations shown

Dreamschool Tutorials Added


Week 13 (8th -14th July)

Gamejams (Changeover 9th July):

Winner of Ancient Times Gamejam: Stone Age Plane Scene by BelgianHashBrown

In the City in voting

SuMmer Festival Contest announced

Feeds as of 8th July:

  • Top 3 Trending:  Boxing Game Animation Preview by Aj-bx99, Gyropolis City Scene by lordwarblade, Dawn City by NoidWolf
  • Top 3 Most Liked: Prometheus-FPS Demo by rothniel (21k), Dreamiverse Dash by Media Molecule (19k), Curiosity by DISARMEDX (17k)

News: Media Molecule attending GDC in Brighton (9-11 July).
Game updates: (10th July) Update to recommendations
MM Streams: None this week due to the GDC

Dreamschool Tutorials Added: 


Week 12 (1st – 7th July)

Gamejams: In the City, Ancient Times in Voting
Feeds as of 2nd July: 

  • Top 3 Trending: STICKeeeS(SwitchMaze) by neji203, The Looper by IansaneArtist, Sam by Roga89
  • Top 3 Most Liked: Prometheus-FPS Demo by rothniel (21k), Dreamiverse Dash by Media Molecule (19k), Curiosity by DISARMEDX (17k)

Media Molecules Streams:

Tuesday Kareem builds a cityscape
Thursday  26 Community Creations shown

Game Updates: v1.06 (2nd July) Update to AutoSurfing, Whole Dreams rather than single scenes now played before moving to another.

News: Nothing new.

Dreamschool Tutorials Added:


Week 11 (24th -30th June )

Wild West Winner: Marshal Earl Clayton by MAC-SEVENTEEN,
Ancient Times in voting,
In the City announced

Feeds as of 25th June:

  • Top 3 Trending: OverGrown by mBergs, Battle of the Idiran Empire by EthicsGradient, Sonic Adventure Dreams Edition v0.3 by RichMenace_94
  • Top 3 Most Liked: Prometheus-FPS Demo by rothniel (20k), Dreamiverse Dash by Media Molecule (19k), Curiosity by DISARMEDX (17k)

Media Molecules Streams:

Tuesday Jam The team make a collection quest in a Dreams version of Guildford
Thursday Community Creations 27 levels played

News: Media Molecule attend the Guildford Games Festival (27th-29th June). Dreams wins Experience of the Year, Gemma Abdeen wins the Educator Award, and Liam De Valmency wins the Hero Award.

Game Updates: (27 June) v1.05 “Charollais”  Minor updates to UI and tutorials section.

Dreamschool Tutorials added:


Week 10 (17th – 23rd June)

Gamejams: Ancient Times, Wild West in Voting

Feeds as of 18th June:

  • Top 3 Trending: Some Fun by byvsen, Corpse Betrothed by Catatonic-cat, The unknown by Dorjcal
  • Top 3 Most Liked: Prometheus-FPS Demo, Dreamiverse Dash, Curiosity

Media Molecules Streams:

Tuesday Jam: The team explain the technical background to Dreams
Thursday Community Creations: #9 (22 levels featured)

News: Media Molecule start releasing mini tutorials on YouTube made by Rich Franke. So far they have been short little hints and tips. A welcome addition to the site.

Dreamschool Tutorials added:


Week 9 (10th – 16th June) 

Gamejams: Pirates Results, Winner: Pirate Predicament by Perjoss
Wild West in Voting, Ancient Times announced.


Feeds as of 11th June:

  • Top 3 Most Liked: Prometheus-FPS Demo, Dreamiverse Dash, Curiosity
  • Top 3 Recommended: Mario Dreams, Slayer Scrolls:An RPG, Book of the Dragon

Game Updates: v.1.04 “East Friesian” Minor update (13th June). New MM Picks section. Changes to the community sections (showing what has been thumbed up and played and whether it has been updated since your last play). New Trending filter.

Media Molecule streams:

  • Tuesday Jam A dinosaur model and a set using Ancient Times assets
  • Thursday 23 Community Levels shown

Dreamschool: Tutorials added


Week 8 (3rd – 9th June)
v1.03 “Boreray” (6th June) Major update. Introduction of Whats New area. Introduction of Imp Quests and new characters to collect. Ancient Times Art Kit. New Arcade games.

Week 7 (27th May – 2nd June)
Gamejams: Spring Season Scenes Results, Pirates in Voting, Wild West announced


Week 6 (20th -26th May)

Week 5 (13th -19th May)
Gamejams: Spring Season Elements Results, Spring Season Scenes in Voting, Pirates announced


Week 4 (6th – 12th May) 
v1.02 (7th May)Minor update. Creator level raised to 200. Bug fixes.

Week 3 (29th April – 5th May)
Gamejams: Spring Season Elements in Voting, Spring Season Scenes announced

Week 2 (22nd – 28th April)
v.1.3.2 “Dilophosaurus”  (23rd April) Dreams update. Recommended added as default for the community feed, Various bug fixes. (Note: the date of this update does not look right on the indreams website as it says 23rd May – but even if I put it as 23 April it does not seem correct as it comes after the new version number of v1.01)

Week 1 (15th – 21st April)
Gamejams: Chinese New Year Results, Spring Season Elements announced


Launch of Early Access (16th April 2019) 
An incomplete but functional version of Media Molecule’s Dreams goes on sale in the Playstation Store. It is only available for a limited amount of time (or numbers of downloads, not sure which). The price is half that expected for the finished game, and early adopters will not need to buy it again, so essentially getting Dreams early and half price.

15th April 2019
v.1.01 “Border Leicester” Latest version release. Tutorials and templates added, voiceovers completed. Bug fixes

11th April 2019
v1.3.1 “Oviraptor” Latest version release. Bug fixes and language support.

18th Dec – 4th Feb 2019
Creator Beta. Initially limited to Newsletter subscribers, then opened up to more people in January 2019. 21,700 creators took part.
Gamejams: Winter Scenes, Tropical Islands, Robots, Outer Space, Bugs,bugs,bugs, Chinese New Year


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