Week 8 of Early Access

Made a American Indian village set and some music for the Wild West Game jam. Quite pleased with the bird effects and the water. Used the cow model to make some Buffalo. They use a follower tag to move around. Also created a meter that shows how long the movie has to play. May make a tutorial on that.  Distant Drums.

Worked on a Push block mechanic and made a tutorial. The result can be found in Push Block Demo. I also did a tutorial on Combo Moves.

I have been experimenting with some music and created a few instruments Bassoon, Oboe, Fantasia Synth, Bottle, Tenor Sax.

Saw an amazing unpainted sculpture by Black-Spirit_ of a pirate and a monster. So I spent a few hours colouring it. Good practice and nice to get up close to a great bit of sculpting.

And of course Ancient Times arrived, and I just had to have a play with that. I was a bit dismissive on Twitter about the idea of asset packs, as I thought they were unneccesary because of the great community stuff being made, but the pack is so much better than I expected. It has inspired me to work on my own Art Kit. So I will be working on new assets and launching them all together in a pack at some later date.

My Imp Quest for Ancient Times incorporated my Temple Dance music and some dance moves.

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