Trying to be nice and getting slapped down

My YouTube channel has been doing very well lately and was rapidly reaching the 1000 subscriber mark which I thought was an important milestone for my channel. So, I thought I would do something to mark the event and said on Twitter that I would make a prop as a gift for the 1000th subscriber. Then I realised that unless that subscriber publically shares their subscriptions I wouldnt know who they were. But luckily the person came forward on Twitter and claimed their prize. I asked them what did they want me to make? They said they wanted a character that didnt have doll arms and did not have the joint line in the arm.

Now I had offered to make a prop, not a character, and I thought about saying no to that request and ask for him to pick a prop, but no, I thought I would be nice and say yes to that. So I asked, what character did they want? Again more requests for a jointless arm, which okay, thats what they want, but a jointless arm on what character? How do they want the jointless arm to present itself? Is it a bare arm? A clothed arm? A solid arm with no joint at all? I asked all these questions, showed them examples of characters I had made that used clothing design to disguise the joint. Their response was a bit rude, as he thought I was stalling. I have no idea at this point what character they want. All I know is they want a non-lined arm. I have asked 3 times and I just get the same request. I am beginning to wonder if this is a troll, and even if they really are my 1000th subscriber. I give in asking what character, and I am just going to give them a blue mannequin with arms that are less lined, so I say I will see what I can do. His response: No one is twisting my arm and do it or dont.

After this pretty rude response I am not inclined to be giving them anything, so I withdraw the offer. This has proved to be a very frustrating and negative experience, from what was supposed to be a nice gesture of gratitude to my subscibers for supporting my channel. What is wrong with people these days? I try to do something nice for a subscriber, and the response is rude, completely ungrateful and quite honestly unnecessarily aggressive. He accuses me of “playing the victim”.

This experience has made me very wary of trying anything like this again. You hear about people offering free stuff and getting a lot of abuse from people who want more than is being offered. Offering a free sofa? Expect some idiot to swear at you when you say you can’t deliver to his house 200 miles away, and expects you to replace the cushions because they look a bit worn. I wasn’t expecting this today with my little freebie.

Hopefully my other followers saw this exchange and could see that I was trying to get information out of him so I could make his thing, and not stalling. However, I was very clear that character design was not my strong suit and that the offer was for a free prop but I would give it a go. I am not totally sure if what he wanted is even possible. At least not from me. I have had a look in the Dreamiverse and I am not sure anyone has created a model with bare jointed arms that doesnt show the joint.

I liked being asked to make things. I like my subscriber base to make tutorial requests. If I can I will work on them and help them out. I do not expect anything in return. I do not have a Patreon account. I do not monetize my channel. Just a thank you is good enough. But if people think that somehow I will continue to help them out when they are rude to me then they can think again. I am too old and too tired to just put up with that.


Photo by burak kostak from Pexels

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  1. Good for you. People can be so uncivil online in ways they would never be face to face. The proper response is to push back, which you do here. Please keep up the good work and ignore the boors.


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