Simple Bits #3: Manipulating Object Properties

In this tutorial, you will be introduced to some basic concepts and how to access and manipulate various properties associated with an object. You will also learn how to connect a couple of gadgets to an object like a cube in order to make it do something.

Whether your interest is making games or telling stories or creating experiences, the fundamentals demonstrated here will help you on your way as a beginner.

This tutorial is just a little over a half hour. My goal will be to make future tutorials no longer than 15 minutes. This one is intentionally slow and methodical because like anything as complex as Dreams, it helps to take baby steps at first.

Here is what you’ll create: a cube that lights up and makes a sound when you press the triangle button on your controller, and reverts to its original color and makes a different sound when you press the cross (X) button.

Cube for Simple Bits #3

Here’s the video:

There are so many good tutorials for beginners that have now been created or aggregated by LadylexUK on this website that at some future moment I may simply link to them with short commentary, and then possibly elaborate on them here and there with supplemental video. What a robust community!

Just remember: there are many paths up the mountain! Learn from others, but find your own path by experimenting as much as you can. And be sure to help yourself to all the wonderful free assets from the Dreamiverse, the topic of the next Simple Bits.

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