Beginners Guide to Scoreboards

Creator: JimmyJules153
Date: 1 Jun 2019
Length: 9:18
Level: Basic
Type: Logic / Basic Logic Beginners Guides


An introduction to using the Score and Score Modifier Gadgets

3 thoughts on “Beginners Guide to Scoreboards

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  1. I would like to know if when the final score is published in a “scoreboard” it is repeated, even if there is a better one, or only the best score is published.

    That is, in a racing game you could publish the best race time, repeat the game and make a race time worse than the first time, this time would also be published?

    I could have it published only if it was better, but publishing the new score, being better, would remove the old one.

    In a racing game, it is not important to publish all the times of each one of the games, but simply the best of each player. Could this be done?



    1. Only the best score of a player is stores and published. If they improve their score then it replaces the previous one. You cannot have multiple scores on a single scoreboard by the same person. A lower score will not overwrite a better score. SO you will be fine with your racing game.


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