Community Creations #6

Live streamed on Thursday 30 May 2019

Community creations

1:39 Pig Detective Season 1 by SdeReu
4:04 Glorb by duckenomics
6:46 Radioactive Tofu by Aidss209
9:15 Cardboardasaurus by saimon86
10:06 Dreamwave Playable Synth by Gutterkisser
13:05 Pirate Predicament by perjoss
13:40 Port Taliset – Docks (Pati’s Story) by QuartDeCarton
20:02 Hey, Watch Your Language! by SOFA-K1NG-72
21:31 Octopus pirate vs Huge Squid by neji-203
23:40 Twin Stick Shu-ter: Ed edition by Darwens
26:09 Adventures of the Peanut Butter Crew by AyeWilder
30:58 Stunt-Team Stupid by TheLOSTOneNL
34:22 CyberCity by BrianTaylor60 (listed as A_Dream_Shaper)
36:13 Glorb (reprise)
37:01 Alone by MatthewMidnight
38:41 The Curse of Nebu by Prismknight90
44:35 Bugs – puzzle game by Agarwel
48:06 Minigame Football Table -2 players- by Deku_10
49:43 Borderworld by skfletch1
52:49 Cherry Flourish by slumdog0783
53:25 Spring Flash by Liu Tze
54:19 Hidden Woods Village by RakanVX
57:44 Valley by Blual
59:29 Farmland Spring Sunset by RSlaven
1:00:07 Forest/swamp scenery by AdrianL14_PL
1:00:45 Sun icon by DISARMEDX
1:01:57 Cardboardasaurus (reprise)

1:02:20 TUTORIAL
Thermo changes when you change the looseness but ONLY if you do it with the Sculpt Detail tool.


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