Week 6 of Early Access

Started the week building a Hidden Object game. Had a few issues with the randomiser, but with a little help on Twitter pointing me at the right tweak I managed to build a mechanic that can randomly place random objects in random places. Entered it in the pirate gamejam – which meant my animation could not be. Didn’t realise it was one entry only. Never mind, all good practice. Captains Cabin, a hidden object game. There were some early issues with it not working 100% correctly but Dreamers let me know and I had time to fix them before the jam voting starts. It got featured on the Media Molecule stream, so I am doing something right.

After some requests I made a Basic Character tutorial which looked at the stretch tool on the mannequin and putting clothes on it, and a Prop tutorial where I made a sofa.

I also made a tutorial on making a start menu with the imp as a cursor. That made it to Media Molecules Tutorial playlist. Fame at last. Then I found out there was an error in there, so an update video had to be made – but I learnt something new in the process, so not all bad.

Found a really great quadruped model by Zanctinian in the Dreamiverse and made a Baby Sheep.

I said I needed to practice making face sculpts, so I decided to make a bust. I started watching the masterclass with Kareem, but got pretty frustrated with it after about 3 parts, as all the instructions are for the move controllers and I could not get my sculpts to look anything like what Kareem was doing, so I didnt finish the tutorial and just started sculpting. This was the result, and I am really pleased with it.The eyes and mouth were the hardest bits to do.  Male Head #1. It is really worth practicing sculpting, you learn all sorts of techniques just by doing.

Worked on hold button microchips, where you have to hold a button down or continually press to get a switch to open. will be working on a tutorial for them next week.

Added a new level to Who’s Afraid of the Dark by fellow Dreamer eddieedwards called The Town.


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