Week 4 of Early Access

Had an experiment with some of the music sliders to create a 1940’s style original song called Only in my Dreams. Comes with a record player animation which I adapted from a creation by pkirby.

I released the Vinyl Record prop as a separate item.

Made some tutorials on Checkpoints and Level linking.

Created a Skull with detachable jaw so you can animate it talking, then created a Death character featuring the skull with some animation.

Had some issues with this weeks Pick of the Week as I got copyright claims on two separate items so I had to re-do the video without the offending music. Even though one was a cover made in Dreams using Dreams instruments it appeared to make no difference to the copyright holder, so do not think if you whistle the Game of Thrones theme tune you wont get a legal claim on the ad revenue. Always make original things in Dreams – I am no longer going to feature Dreams that have non-original characters and music (at least I am going to try, I wont recognise everything).


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