Week 2 of Early Access

23 April – 30 April

Started the week with a mini project to make the characters in the Wizard of Oz.
They are public for you to use. I particularly liked the way the scarecrow moves. You can get all of them from the Wizard of Oz Character Showcase or individually by name.

I never got round to making an original music composition for Level 2 of Who’s Afraid of the Dark so I made one. Quite pleased with Lost in the Woods. It is available for you to use in the Dreamiverse as well as being added to the game level.

I made another painting prop, as these seem to be useful for other people. It is double sided so you can have an empty scene or scene with a tree. Tree Painting

Worked on a tutorial for a pressure pad and block carrying mechanic. You can see the build of that in the Dreamiverse under Block Pressure Demo.

Also made a door puzzle with lit up stepping stones. This is a traditional puzzle for computer games where you have to work out the correct sequence to open a locked door by stepping on lit stones. Stepping Stone Puzzle Demo.  Stepping Stone Door Puzzle

I have been working on how to get an ordered list, where a list of objects appears in the order you picked them up. I have a working chip which I think I may convert into a fast track system as trying to make it into an inventory system involves a lot more difficulty as items are used, discarded, worn or dropped and the order of objects would need to change.

I am also made a movie title from my Hitchcock theme.


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