Week 1 of Early Access

April 16th – April 22nd

I downloaded Dreams within seconds of it coming into the store and now I have had it for a week what did I do?

Well, firstly I corrected a few issues with my Horned Monster and Male Alter Ego characters that I had spotted from a video I made of them – some stray sculpts that were not quite in the wrong place. Then I finished the Ostrich model that was the last thing I did in the Beta. I quite like the way he moves when walking with really long strides.

I then worked on a piece of music called Medieval Dawn. It is public for you to use.

I then played about with manipulating a single piano tune to sound different by adding instruments. It ended up with a trumpet section so I called it Slightly Mariachi. You can hear that in the Dreamiverse.

I also made a new fantasy character for my collection. I am not sure what race of being she is, but I thought the black head and glowing eyes suited the look. It is based on a photo of a caped top I saw in an advert online. Fantasy Caped Female

My final thing was Paperboy. It is a boy character. I am trying to improve my face sculpting, which I am finding the most difficult. I found a Pixar style 3D model, and although this looks nothing like it, it helped me create a character.

I have also been working on logic mechanics, and have attempted a coin collection mechanic which doesnt quite work yet. All mechanics I work out will be shared on YouTube as tutorials.


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