On the Eve of Early Access

Less than 24 hours to go until the Early Access version of Dreams will be available in the Playstation Store for download. Exciting.  It has been a long 3 year wait for me to get hold of this game after the loss of Project Spark. My expectations were at that time to get a replacement platform to make games on, be part of a community and enjoy learning. However, it has been plainly evident from my experiences in the Creator Beta that this is not just a replacement, it is an evolution.

I am considering making things that would never have been my focus in Project Spark. Although you could do stop motion animation in Project Spark, it was not a promoted thing, and hardly anyone did it. In fact I can only think of one artist that did and that was NieNieChu who made some rather amazing animations that you would never believe was made in Spark,

Here is one.

Animation skills are going to be so much more important to game makers in Dreams because you have no in-built animations, and you cannot make them using a camera like you could in Project Spark (kinect emotes). I have enjoyed my first attempts in Project Spark and now in Dreams it goes to the next level. I am not sure I am a natural game maker, but maybe I could develop as a filmmaker and animator. I am going to try anyway.

The other big thing for me is the ability to make music in Dreams. I tried a few different genres of music and I really loved making the expansive orchestral music. I hope to develop my skills there too. I am completely new to composing so it going to be an interesting learning curve.

I don’t think I will be making many games on my own. However, if I get a great idea, I probably wont be able to stop myself. So I am not saying never. My biggest hope though is to perhaps be part of a larger team collaborating on a big project. We will see what the fates have in store there.

I want to do so much. Dreams has opened up so many wonderful and challenging opportunities it is hard to know what to do first. My goals for this year?

  1. Get 500 subscribers for my LadylexUK YouTube Channel
  2. Complete the gadget encyclopedia descriptions on this website
  3. Add at least one community made level to Who’s Afraid of the Dark?
  4. Make a piece of music that gets used in someone’s level
  5. Get 5,000 visitors to this website

I am going to have make sure I allocate time to all these areas: creation, learning, teaching, playing, making videos. I am going to be so busy. I cannot wait. Only 22 hours 40 mins to go, but who’s counting?


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