Logic Gadgets: Ruler

Icon logic gadgets ruler
Name of gadget Ruler
Section Cameras & Lighting
Number of Tweak pages 1
Author LadylexUK, QuietlyWrong
Last updated 22 April 2019 [v1.01]


The ruler in edit modeThis gadget is very simple, allowing you to place a virtual “ruler” into the scene so you can check against specific measurements when sculpting, painting or rearranging the furniture.

When you select the tool, you’ll find a simple cuboid on your imp tip with its dimensions visible. Stamp it in your scene or move it around to your heart’s content when building your creations. It has no presence or visibility in Play mode and isn’t really tweakable except for changing its dimensions.

Tweak Menus

  1. Ruler dimensions
    1a. Input
    1b. Output
  1. Ruler Dimensions
    Use the X, Y and Z sliders to set the dimensions of the cuboid precisely. Given that the ruler only appears in edit mode, the input and output are hardly needed, but could be useful if you want to line its dimensions up very precisely, for example to achieve more than one decimal place of precision.
    The input is a fat wire carrying all three signals (as is the output) so you may need to use a combiner gadget to feed the right data into the ruler.

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