My YouTube Channel

Here are my plans for my YouTube channel LadylexUK. The channel has been exclusively for Project Spark, but now that Dreams has arrived I will be changing my content going forward to Dreams. I will still be making Spark Tales (a monthly compilation of Project Spark creations) if there is enough content posted on the Project Spark Team club feed to warrant one until the end of the year.

My favourite levels of the week
I will add favourite levels to a collection and go through them with commentary. (Weekly)

Random Dreams
Using a random word generator I will search the Dreams archives for objects and levels that come up when you type in a random word. (Weekly)

I plan to add at least one tutorial a week on various aspects of Dreams. Hopefully if I get knowledgable I will be able to take tutorial requests – but probably not for a few months. (Weekly)

Experiments with Dreams
Probably only for the first few months of Early Access. I will do an experiment to test ideas about how Dreams works. (Weekly)

My Creations
As I make things in Dreams I will be making videos to promote them (Occasional)

A compilation of popular levels launched over the month featuring a piece of music made by me or found in Dreams (Monthly)

Dreamscapes Specials
A compilation video of Dreams content from one artist or theme. (Occasional)

Live Streams
I may do some sculpting or music creation live streams with viewer input. I have never been very successful with this in the past as the times that I am available to do this are not generally good for viewer participation, but we will see how this pans out. (Every fortnight)

The channel will develop over time as I work out what sort of content you want from me. Feedback always welcome so I can develop as a YouTuber.


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