Logic Gadgets: Global Settings

Name of gadget Global Settings
Section Gameplay Gear
Number of Tweak pages 2
Author LadylexUK, QuietlyWrong
Last updated 3 May 2019 [v1.01]


This gadget changes a number of settings and limits for the whole scene, including gravity, the presence of imps, the maximum number of players and so on. Many of the settings refer to multiplayer only.


Example Tutorial (adapted from Media Molecule)

  1. Stamp a cube above the floor
  2. Tweak the cube to make it moveable
  3. Hit start time. The cube will fall to the floor.
  4. Rewind.
  5. Stamp the global settings gadget
  6. Enable adjust gravity and make the gravity strength 0%
  7. Hit start time. The cube will be suspended in the air
  8. Rewind.
  9. Adjust gravity to 1%
  10. Hit start time. The cube will slowly fall
  11. Do the same with 600% and the cube will crash to the floor


Tweak Menus

Click on arrows to reveal

Tweak Menu 1: Settings 1


Global Settings 1

  1. Tweak Menu page 1: Settings 1
  2. Adjust Gravity Toggle / Gravity Strength
    2a. Input
    2b. Output
  3. Adjust Fall Height Toggle / Max Fall Height
    3a. Input
    3b. Output
  4. Adjust  Camera Zoom Toggle / Multiplayer Max Camera Zoom
    4a. Input
    4b. Output
  5. Adjust Offscreen Timeout Toggle / Multiplayer Offscreen Timeout
    5a. Input
    5b. Output
  6. Camera Boundary Toggle / Camera Boundary Distance
    6a. Input
    6b. Output
  7. Power
  1. Menu page indicator
  2. Adjust Gravity / Gravity Strength
    The toggle allows you to change the gravity strength of the level between 0-600%. It is set to off as a default. At 0% Gravity moveable objects will remain where placed and will not fall to the ground . At 100% Gravity objects will fall to the ground as on Earth. Any number between 1 and 100 will cause the object to fall but at a slower speed than normal. Gravity over 100 will cause objects to fall quicker to the ground and will be heavier and harder to move.
  3. Adjust Fall Height / Max Fall Height
    This setting changes the distance a character can fall before dying. The default is 10m.
  4. Adjust Camera Zoom / Multiplayer Max Camera Zoom
    This sets the maximum distance the camera will zoom out to when two players are playing.
  5. Adjust Offscreen Timeout / Multiplayer Offscreen Timeout
    When a player is offscreen in a multiplayer game this sets off an offscreen timer. This allows you to adjust how long that timer runs before the player is killed.
  6. Camera Boundary / Camera Boundary Distance
    This sets the maximum distance of the camera from the boundary of your scene, so if the player walks or falls outside the boundary the camera doesn’t follow them.
  7. Power
    This is where you turn the gadget on/off.
Tweak Menu 2: Settings 2

Global Settings 2

  1. Tweak Menu page 2: Settings 2
  2. Allow Imps
    2a. Input
    2b. Output
  3. Max Players
    3a. Input
    3b. Output
  4. Number of Players
    4b. Output
  5. Camera Transform
    5b. Output
  6. Reset Scene
    6a. Input
  7. Power
  1. Menu page indicator
  2. Allow Imps
    When enabled this toggle allows imps to be visible in play mode. By default it is on.
  3. Max Players
    Set how many players are allowed in the scene. By default it is set to 4.
  4. Number of Players
    This outputs the number of players in the scene.
  5. Camera Position
    This outputs a fat wire containing details of position, orientation, and scale.
  6. Reset Scene
    Resets the whole scene back to the beginning.
  7. Power
    This is where you turn the gadget on/off.

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