Logic Gadgets: Auto Guide

Name of gadget Auto Guide
Section Gameplay Gear
Number of Tweak pages 1
Author LadylexUK, QuietlyWrong
Last updated 07 Jun 2019 [EA v1.03]


This gadget is a little unusual, as the effects are only applied to the object when it is being placed in a scene while editing. Objects with this gadget attached can be made to align to the grid, or have a fixed scale range, or will always orientate upright. Elements that need to be precisely placed such as architectural features could benefit from this gadget. Obviously the gadget can be removed or auto guides turned off so you cannot guarantee that other players will use your element in the way you intended – but this gives them an idea how you expect it to be used. It is unusual in that it does not have a power socket. It must be attached to an object and will not work just stamped into the scene.


Example Tutorial (adapted from Media Molecule)

  1. Take an element you have already created and press remix
  2. Stamp auto guide to it
  3. Turn on the grid snap toggle
  4. Change maximum scale to 2
  5. Quick save the object as remix of original
  6. Start a new scene
  7. Go to your elements and pick both the original object and its remix version
  8. Place them in your scene and see how each behaves when you try to move them and resize them.


Tweak Menus


Auto Guide


  1. Grid Snap
    1a. Input
    1b. Output
  2. Grid Size
    2a. Input
    2b. Output
  3. Surface Snap
  4. Stay Upright
    4a. Input
    4b. Output
  5. Minimum scale
    5a. Input
    5b. Output
  6. Maximum scale
    6a. Input
    6b. Output
  1. Grid Snap
    This toggles grid snap on and off. When on it will snap the object to grid mode (even if grid mode is not turned on)
  2. Grid Size
    Allows you to specify the grid scale that the object will snap to, from smallest (1/32) to largest (32) in multiples of 2. By sizing your object correctly, this will allow you to create modular pieces that are intended to fit together.
  3. Surface Snap
    • Off
    • On
    • Snap Orientation
  4. Stay Upright
    This toggles upright on and off. When on it will orientate the object so it can only be placed in an upright position.
  5. Minimum scale
    Set the smallest scale the player can make this object, as a multiple of its current size.
  6. Maximum scale
    Set the largest scale the player can make this object, as a multiple of its current size.

Lex Tips

You may find this most useful if you are making modular sets, where objects need to snap to each other and remain perfectly vertical. If you want to manipulate the object differently to your setting you can just turn the toggles off or just remove the gadget altogether.

Useful Tutorials


Version Updates

v1.03 – the Grid Size tweak is now visible even when Grid Snap is not active.


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