How visible is your work going to be?

If you felt that your creations were not getting much visibiity, or likes, then I think I should warn you that with the actual game, this invisibility will only get worse.

There were 21,700 players in the Dreams Creator Beta that produced 35,700 creations between Dec 19th and Feb 5th (48 days). If you ignore the first and last days which were not full days anyway you get 46 full days of creation. Now with a little bit of Maths you get this

32 creations shared every hour.
Now that is with the very limited numbers in the Beta. Lets imagine there are 500,000 creators. Now we are dealing with a lot more:

737 creations an hour.


How is anyone going to find your creation now?

If you want your level played you are going to have to market it. That means contacting people who collate favourite levels, posting screenshots and clips to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. You need to promote your name on Dreams so that people follow you.

Media Molecule may spot your level from a random look at the feeds at the right time and put it in one of their streams (if they intend to continue doing that – we dont know). With Project Spark I found that posting levels during the day in the UK was a waste of time because the US were asleep, but if you want Media Molecule to see it then the UK work day would seem to be best time.  So you should consider when you post. Some experimentation may be necessary to find the ideal slot. Do you post when a lot of people are posting, or when very few people are posting? People were also discovering that constantly updating your level puts it at the beginning of the feed, but this is a little annoying for everyone else if you are literally just pressing update without actually changing anything in your level – so this may backfire as a tactic.

I think there may be opportunities for little clubs of specific interests to form for Dreams Creators with a particular interest. Such as groups dedicated to platforming levels, groups of female creators, people only interested in creating artwork may form a group. There is an infinite amount of subject matter that could create an interest group. In this group you would share and view each others work and help promote it.

There are also fan sites which will undoubtedly have a section where you can promote your levels – but by experience this doesn’t necessarily create much traffic. However you should consider it if you are creating a whole marketing campaign for your work.

Consider if you want to promote everything you launch. You may be better off concentrating on promoting just the complete games and artwork you have worked on, and maybe only a select few.

There is a concern however that despite your efforts you may not end up with a hot level on your hands. If this happens please do not be disheartened. There are so many others in your position, it is not necessarily a reflection of the quality of your work that you have few likes and plays. There are millions of Youtube videos that are excellent but have under 50 plays, and creators with under 100 subs – they just didn’t get a break.  Keep plugging at it and if you think you have something special let me know. I love playing good stuff on Dreams and I am planning on making lots of YouTube vids.



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