Logic Gadgets: Camera Shaker

Icon logic gadgets camera shaker
Name of gadget Camera Shaker
Section Cameras & Lighting
Number of Tweak pages 1
Author LadylexUK, QuietlyWrong
Last updated 10 Mar 2019 [Beta]


A simple way to convey a dramatic effect in a scene is to give the camera a shake. It implies the existence of a real camera or the viewers themselves being literally buffeted around by the frenzy of what’s going on, so much that the view can’t be held steady.

In Dreams, this gadget gives you a really easy way to achieve that effect and can be tweaked to give a range of shakes from a gentle wobble to a full-blown house-shattering explosion.

Example Tutorial (adapted from Media Molecule)

  1. Stamp a timeline into your scene
  2. Put a camera shaker on the timeline.
  3. Adjust the end of the camera shaker event to make it last roughly one second.
  4. Tweak the timeline and set it to play once.
  5. Stamp a puppet.
  6. Scope in to the puppet and open its microchip.
  7. Tweak the puppet interface gadget.
  8. Connect the landing impact output to the power port of the new timeline.
  9. Pop into test mode.
  10. Possess the puppet.
  11. Now when you jump (and the puppet lands), the camera shaker will trigger. Try messing with the tweaks to see how they change the effect.

Tweak Menus

camera shaker
  1. Shake Strength
    1a. Input
    1b. Output
  2. Shake Speed
    2a. Input
    2b. Output
  3. Preview
  4. Power
  1. Shake Strength
    Use this to determine the strength of the shake – this affects how far the camera’s viewpoint moves away from its proper position when it’s shaking.
  2. Shake Speed
    Use this to determine the speed of the shake – this affects the speed with which the camera moves about during shaking.
  3. Preview
    To save you having to keep running full tests to find the perfect combination, you can just tweak the strength and speed and immediately see their effect by clicking on the preview button.
  4. Power
    This is where you turn the gadget on/off. As a rule, you’ll generally only need this switched on very occasionally if you’re not trying to make the player sick!

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