Game Types: First Person Shooters

This genre of game involves a camera view through the eyes of the player, normally with some sort of gun in hand. Early examples of this were Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. It is often shortened to FPS. Some games give the player the choice between FPS and 3rd person, or where the player is only seen outside the main action (Destiny being a good example of this).

Battle Simulators
Call of Duty and Battlefield are the major players in this genre. Games feature realistic scenarios, often with guns that exist in the real world, and set in an accurate time period. The game may have a single player campaign, but you are often accompanied by NPC soldiers, so you are rarely in a situation where you are confronting an entire battalion on your own. The majority of gameplay is however centred around the multiplayer experience. Although the campaigns can be story based, the main game is based on single battle scenarios on a fixed size set.

The Far Cry series of games typifies this genre. Generally a single player experience you play as a mercenary or adventurer in generally exotic locations such as jungles or mountainous terrain, or in the case of Destiny set in the future on other planets.These games tend to be open world and follow a main story line with side missions.

Horror Adventure
Utilising jump scares from the movies requires the player to be immersed in the action, and this is best achieved with a first person camera. Games such as Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil and Bioshock are good examples. These games tend to be single person adventures only. Zombies feature heavily in these types of games. They are normally story based.

Multiplayer battles
These games can be played as a player vs player mode or team games. Although a story may be present, the game is primarily a multiplayer arena battle with multiple players. Overwatch is a good example of this.

Game mechanics and prominent features

Weapon swapping
Most FPS allow you to collect multiple weapons which you can swap with the press of a button. So you can go from a pistol to a shotgun to a sniper rifle.

Limited ammo
Generally your weapon will have limited ammo and will require reloading. Some reloading mechanics are automatic, others require a manual input. They will generally require you to collect ammo throughout the game.

Ammo and Loot Drops
Killing an enemy often results in the drop of objects that will help you, such as food for health, ammo, weapons and quest objects. Loot and ammo can also generally be found in various boxes and items of furniture that are scattered in the world, which you will need to search. In the case of Call of Duty loot and ammo can also be parachuted in when you collect enough gamepoints.

Gun sights
Especially with sniper rifles, the gun sight is shown prominently in a FPS and often can take up the entire screen.

Player classes
You usually have to specify what type of player you are going to be during the game, each class having a specific role to play in the scenario (this is only typical for battle style FPS and not single player adventures). Classes may include, snipers, medics, mechanics, scouts, heavy artillery.

Can you make these in Dreams?

Yes. You can create a first person camera, and many Dreamers have produced their own versions for you to use so you don’t have to start from scratch. The difficulty will be to create reasonable enemy AI.

You cannot successfully make a multiplayer team battle game due to the limits of 4 players. A team battle would normally have 8 or more players (generally maxing at 100).

Open Worlds are possible if you make your surroundings from limited numbers of props. Making environment props that can be turned and rotated to create different looks (such as a cube with different textures on each side) is a good way to maximise what you can create.

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