Waiting for Early Access

It has been 3 weeks since the Dreams Beta ended. Yes, I know I couldn’t believe it either. And we are all now waiting for the Early Access version of Dreams to drop in the Playstation Store. One thing for certain it will not be until March 20th at the very earliest, and we could be waiting as late as July. If Media Molecules’ past form on keeping to dates is concerned I do not think we should expect a March delivery at all.  After all we were promised a launch of the full game in 2018, and that did not happen. Then we were promised a Beta in 2018, and that barely happened with the Newsletter members early beta on 19th December 2018, but the actual Beta not happening until well into January and ending on Feb 5th.

What has happened to the launch date? Well, that has been successfully swept under the carpet, as the Early Access date is the one everyone is asking about. I would not be at all surprised if we are not looking at 2020 for that bad boy. We are going to be given a version of Dreams not dissimilar to what we got in the Beta at a reduced purchase price of £29.99 (or similar). That means no multiplayer, no VR, and no campaign. Something has gone catastrophically wrong with one or more of those in my opinion, and MM need more time to complete them, and they cannot delay Dreams any longer because they have to keep momentum going after the Beta. They had to give us a Beta because they have already delayed that twice – 2016 and 2018, and you cannot continue to disappoint your fanbase with failure to deliver what is already a niche product.

For myself I am happy to hand over my money for whatever state the game is in. The beta was a very interesting experience for me, and I am now hooked – my fishy self is flapping about on the deck and I am never going back in the water. I really do not care very much about the campaign at all, so it’s absence is not a big deal. I do not have VR equipment so I don’t care about that either. Multiplayer is perhaps the thing I am most interested in, but I can wait for that too. I just want to get back to the sculpting tool and the music maker. I have some ideas for some animated shorts I want to make, and I want to get more hands-on experience of the logic gadgets and make some tutorials.

I have to get hold of a copy of Early Access. Apparently there are more copies available than the 20k that took part in the Beta. I will be rushing to the store as soon as that email drops – or possibly sooner if Twitter gets the jump on it. I will be an incredibly unhappy Dreamer if for whatever reason I do not get one of those limited copies of the game. Though I think it is going to be alright.

In the meantime I am adding whatever I can to this website. I am creating pages on gadgets to be filled when I know what they do. I did not experiment with all of the gadgets during the Beta as I was concentrating on other areas of the game. If you can help with that then I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me through this website, @LadylexUK on Twitter, PSN and YouTube.


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