What sort of Dreamer are you?

Dreams is not just a game, and it is not just a game creator, there are a wealth of possibilities for entertaining yourself. Dreams has various tools available to do 3D modelling, painting, animation and game creation. So what sort of Dreamer are you?

The Game Maker

If you have come from Little Big Planet or Project Spark, I suspect you have bought Dreams because you want to make games. If understanding logic is your thing there are a wealth of items in the Dreamiverse for you to make amazing looking game levels. You do not have to be great at modelling or making music, you can use other people’s creations to craft your game. The type of game you want to make is entirely up to you and your skill level. The Beta saw many platformers, first person shooters, puzzlers, action adventures, text adventures, driving games and sport sims. Any genre of game can be made in Dreams, you just need time, patience and a good grasp of the toolset to make them. There will be many tutorials, both in game and online to develop your skills.

The Character Modeller

Creating character models is an art in itself, and you may find that this area of Dreams gives you the most rewards. Create a whole series of models based on a theme or style. Work on one character model and provide a series of outfits for them. They can be creature based, fantasy monsters, or even modern day humans. You don’t have to make games with your characters, and you may get a buzz from seeing your creations used by other people.

The Prop Designer

All assets in Dreams have to start somewhere. You could create that somewhere. Create showcases of themed props that look cartoonish or realistic. Make props suitable for a fantasy world or one set in space, or even using an 8bit style. You may find your gun is featured in a top 10 creation or maybe your lantern lights up a scene in an animated short. Not everyone wants to learn how to make games, but you could help hundreds of people with your designs.

The Scene Creator

This is another skill that could help out your fellow creators. Designing amazing looking sets and environments can be very rewarding, and people like to view these, even if there is no game attached. Look at examples from the Beta where there is no game, just some scenery. If you release these as remixable then people can put games in your sets. Or you could use them as visuals for your musical compositions.

The Musician

The music creation tool is Dreams is pretty comprehensive and can only expand after launch when people start to add their own sounds and instruments to the already decent selection from Media Molecule. You can create all sorts of music in Dreams, from brass band music, to hip hop, to folk songs to orchestral scores. Make your own album of music and create visuals for it. Make game music that other people can use. You can even put vocals on these tracks, so you can feel like a music producer. Make original music that you can share with the world.

The Animator

Stop frame animation, classic drawn animation and puppetry are all available in Dreams. You can make your own stories come to life by animating characters and scenes a frame at a time, or record your movements with a joystick. You can make game cut scenes, short films, trailers and skits in any style you like. So if you are a budding Nick Park or Brad Bird this could be an opportunity to make something that looks like a Hollywood production with the smallest budget imaginable.

The Artist

The paint tools in Dreams can allow you to make 2D or 3D images that can be used as wallpaper, or illustrations or just to show off a portfolio of your art. You can also combine your art with a little animation to make a unique presentation. Dreams can be used to create art in a variety of styles from the look of an oil painting, water colours through to graffiti.

The Tutorial Maker

You may enjoy teaching others how to do things. It may be how to do things in Dreams, but it doesn’t have to be. You could make tutorials and educational presentations on any subject. Imagine a cookery show with a pig character demonstrating the recipes! Or learning French with a talking beret! Make videos that you can share not only in the game but on YouTube too.

The Collector

Making playlists of amazing games, collections of windows, an armoury of weaponry, a jukebox of music could be the way you spend your time in Dreams. Useful collections are invaluable to the community in Dreams. It is a great way to promote the best creations on the platform to other people, and as the library fills up these collections are going to become even more important. You may even get yourself a following just for your collections.

The Player

Not everyone who comes to Dreams will be wanting to make things. Dreams offers a huge library of experiences for the PS4 including gaming, animations, artistic presentations, the list is probably endless. For the small price of the game you will have thousands of experiences to choose from and endless hours of fun and entertainment viewing and participating in amateur, semi professional and professionally made levels. You are almost guaranteed to find a few games that you will want to play over and over.


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