Logic Gadgets: Gyroscope

Name of gadget Gyroscope
Section Movers & Outputs
Number of Tweak pages 2
Author LadylexUK, QuietlyWrong
Last updated 27 Feb 2019 [Beta]


This gadget when snapped to an object will keep that object in the same axis as indicated by the up arrow on the gyroscope. So although it is designed to keep things “upright”, because you can alter which way “up” is you can determine which direction the object will orientate itself to and disregard normal gravity.

Its ability to keep the object facing “up” depends on a number of factors including the speed and strength of the gyroscope and the forces acting on the object to try to turn it over. By tweaking the gadget you can achieve any effect between making an object stay absolutely upright at all times no matter how hard it’s pushed and making an object tilt gradually back upright after it is turned.

Example Tutorial (adapted from Media Molecule)

  1. Stamp a cube.
  2. Snap a gyroscope to the cube.
  3. Tweak the gyroscope so you can see the arrow gizmo
  4. Grab the shape and turn it so that the gyroscope arrow is pointing down
  5. Hit start time and watch the shape re-orientate itself to an upright position.

Tweak Menus

Click on arrows to reveal

Tweak Menu 1: Properties

  1. Tweak Menu page 1: Properties
  2. Speed
    2a. Input
  3. Align All Axes
    3a. Input
    3b. Output
  4. Strength
    4a. Input
    4b. Output
  5. Overall Damping
    5a. Input
  6. Power
  1. Menu page indicator
  2. Speed
    Use this to specify the (maximum) rotation speed of the gyroscope’s affected object. The value is given in degrees per second with higher values naturally leading to a faster-acting effect.
  3. Align All Axes
    By default, the targeted object will try to stay upright in one axis but remains free to spin, like a child’s top, around that axis. With this option switched on, it will try to adopt a specific orientation in all three axes.
  4. Strength
    Use this to specify the strength of the gadget. A stronger gadget will rotate its target object more quickly and will be more resistant to other forces (such as gravity) trying to change its orientation.
  5. Overall Damping
    Damping is used in combination with strength to specify how strongly the gadget will resist any rotation other than the one it is imparting itself. It will be hard for an external force to rotate a target object with high damping away from its preferred orientation, even if the strength to actually reach that orientation is not high.
  6. Power
    This is where you turn the gadget on/off
Tweak Menu 2: Outputs
  1. Tweak Menu Page 2 : Outputs
  2. Affected Object(s)
    2b. Output
  3. Power
  1. Menu page indicator
  2. Affected Object(s)
    By default, the gyroscope will act on any element that it is snapped onto. Instead of snapping it directly, you can connect a wire from this output and input it into one or more elements in the same scene to make each one act as if it has this gyroscope gadget acting on it.
  3. Power
    This is where you turn the gadget on/off

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