Remarkably more tips, tricks and Beta Creations

Created by: Media Molecule
Date: 4 Feb 2019 (Twitch 1 Feb 2019)

Fifth Beta stream from the team.

Moonlighting Molecules

Panis Pot by Mm_pfield (Peter Field)
Space Trader by zanders3 (Alex Parker)
Beech Pool by THE_ARCHITECT (John Beech)

Community Levels

Wistman’s Wood by CA-Radford
Mr Wiggles by Entropy-Tamed
Topher and the Oracle by Verbal83
Wildfire by j_plusb
Neo Tokyo by Sakkaku-sama
Text Gadget Guy by DirtyHarolds
Alex’s Nightmare by SlurmMackenzie
High Speed Hover Craft Demo (WIP) by marcilein98
Blood on the Marble Floor by booshface
Confetti Cats by GraeChan
mad-gfx.test.ed.surface.v1.7 by Fahran1979
Bro and baby sis by chellssey
The Tree by Wargarble
Yoko’s Escape by Roga89
Melancholy Hill by ProtosH
Alien Oasis by CloaknDaggerson
Pig Detective by SdeReu
Dog’s RunĀ  by Angelotje
Bleached by HalfUp
Procedural Terrain Generation! Generate your own by VirtuallyVain
A Haunted Mansion by MrSandwiches
Woodland’s Bakery by codibear8383
Operation P.I.C.N.I.C by EcraepNahte
Beat-Man by Erkimet
Liquorice Lake by Prattz
Eggs by DirtyHarolds
Fishing Shack by chuck_18mp
Raygun Practice by TannicAlloy
Fools & Ghosts: Postcards from Hades by SalaciousKnid
Blue-warp pod by SpeedyBunnyz
Battle Fairy Princess by Colarr
Fyre the Little Red Dragon by BeboElRican18
Otto, Transforming Robot Car by traum13
Meka 1142 by Augustair
Merlin’s Maze by BeboElRican18
Final Showdown by AppleSquidd
Mini City Example by ChazzH69
Floating in Space by II-Tux-II
Zombie Apocalypse Part One by cannibal127_9
Doom of the Dreamiverse by KeldBjones
Forest WIP by codibear8383
One Breath by Fabix
HAUS of BEVIS by Bevis2



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