Simple camera set ups

By LadylexUK

Here is a method for creating a movie sequence. In this example I have 3 cameras.  Place them in your scene and use L1+X to see what the camera sees and move into the camera angle you want. You can use the Dpad to change focus and zoom.

Turn the power off on all your cameras using L1+ Square to open the menu.

Create a timeline from the animate tab

Create a keyframe, name it Cam 1

With the keyframe recording, go to to your first camera and open up using L1+ square and turn the power on.

Do this for all three cameras so you have 3 keyframes labelled Cam 1 , 2 and 3

Put the keyframes in your timeline at the times you want the cameras to swap.

Enlarge the keyframes with the Dpad to fill the gaps.

In the cameras are transition settings. These relate to how the camera is transitioned TO not how it transitions FROM. You can choose to smoothly glide from camera to camera, therefore creating a dolly shot, or a quick cut from camera to camera. Experiment for best results.

Now you have a sequence of cameras for your movie.

To create a rotating camera create a shape like a cube. Turn the visibility off. You may need to unclick the eye in the ShowHide menu, and xray on now. Attach a rotator and alter the the x.y.z handle so that your object is rotating in the orientation you want. Place the shape over the area you want to film. Attach the camera to the rotating object by holding it with R2 and scoping into the shape with L1+X. Set the angle of your camera view in L1+X (I like to point down at the object from above, or you could create the view from the side).

You can also attach cameras to moving objects in the same way. When making your timeline for the camera also turn on the power to your object that is moving so both will happen together.


Happy film making.

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