Painting objects with the paint tool

From the Beta Forum


How do you snap paint strokes to surface of an object?


Switch on Surface Snap in the guides menu and your strokes will snap to the surface of sculpts

If you switch on tentacle snap, only the place where you start drawing the stroke will stick to the surface.

Don’t forget to group the painting and the sculpt if you want them to stay together when you move them

To add a cluster of flecks, use the stamp flecks tool, and when it is active hold L1 and press square to open the fleck editor.

In here are a few options on circular sliders, that can be dragged up and down with X.

Scatter will create the effect you’re looking for, and there is also an effect called fade that will do the same thing but make the flecks fade out to the edge of the cluster.

The option is opacity, which makes the whole cluster uniformly transparent.

Scatter Works with Paint and Draw Flecks too, but Fade doesn’t.

Also, press circle to exit the fleck editor and return to painting

There are different controls for Moves which are activated using the secondary controller without having to go to the fleck editor, although you can still do that by pressing the fleck editor button in the context menu.


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