How to make a marble rolling game

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How do I make a controllable ball, marble madness style?

I’m struggling to get the combination of controller sensor, signal splitter, and advanced rotator working correctly.

I just want to make a ball which I can control with my left stick.

I have the controller sensor set to force possession. This seems to be the right start, but the camera follows the micro chip that is on the surface of the ball, so when it spins, the camera goes bonkers.

I also can’t get the proper combination of controls. Figuring out which left stick output to use and when to use local space… it’s making my head spin.


First thing is to make sure the controller sensor is at the centre of the marble. That way the camera will pivot around the centre of the ball. To do this you can turn the grid on, cut the ball in half using a subtractive edit, stick the microchip right at the centre of the marble (L1 while moving the microchip/gadget) , and then delete the subractive edit.

The next thing is to set up the mover correctly. Its quiet complicated but the simple answer is

– split the left stick output of from the controller Sensor (page 2),
– split this output so that you have X & Y values,
– plug these into the X & Z speed inputs on an advanced mover,
– remove all dampening on the advance mover.

Also set your marble’s physics quality to low (bottom of the Physical Properties tab) and it will roll smoother. Our physics engine is made up of loads of tiny balls so in this one instance setting physics quality to low actually makes it more accurate. 🙂

Q: I have tried for the past two hours to try and get the ball rolling and it’s not budging :o) 
Is it correct that I should connect the X and Y outputs of the splitter to the X axis speed and Z axis speed inputs of the advanced rotator?

If any other user reads this can they try, create a dream and publish it so I can see what I am doing wrong.


Cupra-AL, yes, that’s correct. A couple of things to check…
– you’re connecting the output of *left stick local* to the splitter input, not plain ol’ vanilla left stick
– the ball is set to *moveable* (on the physics page of the ball tweak menu)
– you’ve got Y speed set to 0
– controller sensor is set to possessable and you’re possessing it (forgive me if that seems obvious, just trying to think of everything)
– try turning up *rotation strength* – almost every time I have issues getting something moving it’s because strength isn’t high enough!

Can you check the settings that I have understood correctly. The object is moveable and gravity is in effect and working as it’s in mid air and drops when I press play. I can possess the ball but it won’t move.


Hi, can you try two things ?
-Make the physic quality to be “Normal instead of Low”
-increase strength of rotator to 100 (if this dont work im confused)

coyote_blue commented

For camera work, consider making an action group where the controller isn’t directly stuck to the ball. Have a microchip with a camera, transmitter, and follower attached to the space above the ball (maybe with local guide gadget as well).



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