Saving objects and levels in different categories

By LadylexUK and iAnony
Note: Update 1.07 Changed the way levels are categorised and saved, so some of this information may now be obsolete.

Let’s imagine you decide to make a sculpture. You choose sculpture and start making a fountain. It goes well, and before you know it you have built an entire scene with a courtyard and buildings. Only problem is when you save this is now in the category of sculpture and not game level or story. Also you really wanted to make a separate fountain. What do you do now?

To save a sculpture in its own level

Select the object you want to save in your level (do not scope in), you should see the dashed line around the object. You can select single sculpts or groups. In the menu that appears on the right select Save as new object. This will create a new level with just your object in it. The picture will be from your previous level so you may need to take a new photograph.

To save a whole level in a new category

Press remix on your level. Click on Quick Save. When it gives you the category options pick your new choice. Press the delete icon (the bin top of the feed page) and then select your original level. Delete. Rename your new level to remove the word Remix.
(This works best if you have not published it already, otherwise you are making a duplicate)

iAnony video

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