Dismemberment effects

From Beta Forum

Q: Hey, I was just wondering if it is possible for puppets limbs to be blown off from explosions or dismembered from laser swords and wookies?I just think it would be fun if puppets limbs could fall off and then you and a friend could smack each other with the limbs or give each other a “hand”! 🙂

A: (Aecert) You could definitely fake it by making the limb invisible, and spawning in one that isnt attached.

 QA Team

Aecert has the right idea for now.

Currently you cant separate actual puppet limbs dynamically to make them fall off or make the character itself rag-doll (something for the future)

You will need to either
Hide the limb you want to remove and emit a movable/collide-able dumby limb in its place.
To get the dumby Limb use the clone tool with live clone turned on (so any changes you make on the limb sculpt will be applied to the dumb as well

If its a fullragdoll you want you can hide or remove the puppet and emit a ragdoll in its place. Make a ragdoll by scoping into your puppet. Select everything (double click X on the hip (selects the whole joint heirarchy). Select the clone tool and turn on live clone. Clone the selection and pull it out of the puppet. Tweak and set them to collide-able as well as movable (you can make it a bit cheaper on the physics by only making some body parts collide-able. you will not need them all to be collid-able to get a good result). you can also tweak all the Limbs and reduce the physics quality.


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