Control Buttons (DS4)

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L1 Left bumper
L2 Left trigger
R1 Right bumper
R2 Right trigger
Left stick any direction
Right stick any direction
Left stick button (push down)
Right stick button (push down)
DPad (white button(s) pressed)
Joystick (left or right as indicated, arrows show direction)
Share button
Options button

Entry Homespace

Imp movement
Select (open Main Menu)

Open Main Menu

(While hovering over character) Posess

Main Menu

Imp movement
Back to Homespace

Back to Homespace


Menu mode


Slide along the feed


Sculpt mode

Recentre imp


+ or Rotate shape
 + Swap smear/stamp

+  = Edit shape

+  = Close sculpt mode

+ While hovering over tool menus to drag left and right to see more

While Hovering over tool menus to close

While stamping/smearing a shape = deselect shape (remove from imp)

while hovering over a shape = Move

Press while hovering over a shape = Delete

When stamping or smearing a shape toggle between add and subtract

+ Press while hovering over a shape = Clone once

Press while holding clone = stamp

Press while holding clone = insert another clone between the original and the new clone. Hold for more clones

while holding clone = insert another clone outside the new clone
Hold for more clones

Edit shape mode

 Press and hold to Resize

Toggle between add shape and subtract shape

Close Shape Editor

 or Press and hold while dragging gizmo arrows = stretch shape face in that direction

+ Hover over tools and move sliders up and down

Hover over tools and toggle on/off (show tick)

Palette Mode

( or ) + Hold and drag chosen colour to Mixed colour area

+ Hover over Mixed colour area and flick up with controller to get options spinning


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