How to ride a vehicle with a puppet

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Q: How do I: Connect a sculpt and puppet non-physically? What is the best way to “glue” two moveable objects together? I recall this being a feature in the live-streams (it was very reminiscent of the LBP glue tool) but it looks like it was removed or refactored elsewhere. I am trying to connect a puppet to a bike sculpt but the Connectors won’t let me attach them. My assumption is that one object had to be static/not movable (like in the tutorial) and that’s why it won’t work.


The glue feature was removed as it was functionally the same as grouping two objects.

So you could make both objectst static, group them together and then make the group movable.

Or you could use really stiff bolt joints to attach two movable objects but this is less reliable and more costly.


We did have glue which is what you are remembering but it has been removed (for now at least)

If you want to make a puppet ride another object or even another puppet you can. There are two ways to achieve this.
The first is to use Grouping to make the object and the puppet use the same physical body.
So in your example take the puppet and the bike and group them
By default the puppet is movable (so it can move around) this means even though grouped it will not have the same physical body as the group. To resolve this you will need to tweak the puppet (now in the group) and set is to Not movable in the physics settings. Also on by default is the procedural animation and ground detection. If you are riding something you don’t want the character trying to walk. So in the tweaks you want to tune off procedural animation. You may also want to turn of the puppets collision (so it doesn’t try to collide with the bike it’s riding on)
With the objects grouped and their tweaks set you can apply movement logic to the group and it should move both.
If you ever want the puppet to stop riding during gameplay you can toggle the movable property back on. This will separate it from the group body and allow it to move independently again.

The other method for doing this is to use teleporters. This can allow dynamic separation of rider and vehicle and even allow the rider to move between different vehicles.
Place a Tag gadget on the vehicle object where you want the puppet to sit. Tweak the tag and move its pos offset/move handle to see its axis and name the Tag something like ‘rider position’
Place a teleporter on the Puppet brain circuit board or attach it directly to the puppet. Tweak the teleporter and make it look for ‘rider pos’ (you can press up on the d-pad to autofill this name field). Also set it to care about orientation. Note the axis information for the teleporter. When the teleporter is active it will match the positions of its axis with the axis of the Tag it is teleporting to.
Not if you ruin time you can tweak the pos offsets live to match the positon of the rider to where you want it.
When the teleporter and Tag are on the character will frame by frame be teleported to the position of the Tag. You can now add logic to the vehicle to move it about and the rider will follow. You will still need to mess about with collision and procedural animation, posing and animation to get a well behaved rider.


Hi tinfoil_21. Let’s try something like this:

1- Group both the Puppet and the Bike.
2- Make the Puppet “Not Movable”.
3- Disable the Puppet’s Procedural Walk from the 5th tab of its Tweak Menu.
4- Now Scope Out of the group. Then the Mover Gadget should affect the whole group and not just the bike.

Let us know how you do.


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