How to replace the head of a puppet

From the Beta Forum

Q: How do I replace the head of a puppet after deleting it? Is there a way to easily attach a head that was sculpted independently of a puppet? My experiments so far result in a sculpt either not following the puppet when I move it or following the puppet but without following the swaying of its gait.

Hey! You could try scoping into the default puppet head while holding your sculpt first. Get it in place, then delete the default head.

LadylexUK tip:  It is pretty easy to scope into the blue head and use blend mode to change the shape of it to anything you want using other shapes (sphere is good). However, if you want to sculpt the head completely independently you do not need to delete the blue head,  add your new head as per the instructions below and if you can still see the blue parts  sculpt right into the blue head and change the visibility setting to off.


There are a few ways to swap out a puppet’s head, but if you’ve already deleted the old one, your best bet is:
1) Move your new head object inside the Puppet. You can do this by dragging the head with R2, then, while still holding the head, hover over the puppet and press L1+X to scope into it. You will drag the head inside the group with you.
2) Connect your new head to the puppet’s neck. You can find connectors in the palette, under Gadgets > Connectors. A good choice for heads is a Ball Joint. If you haven’t done the Connectors tutorial here’s how you set it up: click the neck with R2, followed by your new Head object.
3) Make your head object Moveable. You can do this by tweaking it (hover over it and press L1+Square).
4) Now that the head is connected, you need to tell the Puppet to make it behave like a head! Hover over the circular base that the puppet is standing inside, and tweak it with L1+Square.
5) On page 4, you’ll see a bunch of buttons in the shape of a person. Click the top one — this is the head. You’ll see a line now coming from the button — the game will now set the head to be the object in your Scene that you click next. Click on your new head.

That should do it! It’s a bit fiddly if you haven’t done the Connectors tutorial — setting up puppets requires a bit of care with connecting the pieces. Hope that helps 🙂

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