How to measure distance and calculate position

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Note from Lex: It appears they have altered the data that the split gives you, and position is no longer one of those options, instead it is Translation (but the description in the tip says Position). However this, seems to work. Add a splitter to the scene space transform of each of the tags, take the translation figures and wire them to a calc set to minus and wire the result to a number gadget.

Q: How do I get the distance to a tag/player? It seems like there is no tool to measure a distance? (between a sensor and a tag for example)The only thing that I found to evaluate a distance is using a trigger zone with :

-a sphere shape
-0 for the size of the sphere
-X for the fall off (diameter of the sphere)

Then, if the tag is inside the sphere, the distance should be :
X * 0.5 * (1 – “Output of the trigger”)

But I only manage to get approximate measures (even with grid on). Is this intended? Did I miss something?

  QA Team

With the trigger zone setup you are using which is one way to get a distance measurement you may be getting less accurate measurements if detecting a sculpt because it measures the point of intersection with the zone not a consistent fixed point on the sculpture e.g. its center

If you want more accurate measurements with this method the instead of detecting the sculpt use a Tag.

The other method of measuring is with two Tags. One on each object you want the distance between. Wire or transmit the ‘scene space transform’ output from each tag to a Calculator gadget (Palette > components > logic and processing) set to minus 1 one from the other. Wire the Calculator gadget output to a splitter Gadget (also in logic and processing). This will split the Transform into Position, Orientation and Scale. Take the Position output and that should now be giving you a distance value between the tags

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