How to make button presses power things on

By LadylexUK

You may have tried to link a button press to power on a gadget only to find that it does not appear to work. The most likely reason it appears to fail is that the power is only being sent to your gadget while the button is held down. On most occasions you will want to press a button once and switch something on.

To turn something on once

Controller Sensor > button  _________________  +  Counter (up to 1) Full  _________your gadget you want to power

Note: You can wire into reset the Counter to turn off the power. So with this method you could have one button to turn on and another button to turn off.

For the same button to turn power on/off

Controller Sensor > button  _________________ Selector move to next output

Selector A _____________the gadget you want to power
Selector B empty

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