How to attach a camera to a puppet

From the Beta Forum

Q: I couldn’t figure out how to attach them together so they move together. I grouped them, but the camera stayed in a static position. I wanted to try a few camera angles, such as first person and over the shoulder 3rd person.


Hi! You can actually set the camera distance in the control sensor, which is inside the puppet to 0 to get an fps mode.

To get inside Hold L1 (shift) and press x, you’ll see a screen effect and go inside something (groups, microchips etc) Inside the puppet there is a microchip, and inside the microchip is the control sensor.
Tweak it with L1 (shift) plus square and go to the camera page.

If you do want a camera inside don’t group them as you tried as even though they’re grouped, the puppet will move independant of the group as it’s set to moveable.

So first tunnel into the puppet using shift plus x and then place the camera 🙂

Additionally cameras magically turn on if your puppet walks into their view, which is useful, so if you’ve stuck the camera inside the puppet it may not activate, so make sure you wire a switch to it’s power to force it to stay on 🙂


Try scooping into the puppet and opening the puppet’s circuit board, stamp a camera into it. If you then open the camera with L1+X you can then frame it the way you want it. Hope that helps!

Q: I’ve tried it but once I control the puppet I cannot control the camera angle with the right stick, it’s always facing the puppet direction. Did I made a mistake? Thanks!


In the puppet option menu (L1 + square over puppet) there is an option called face camera direction, tick that on and try again 🙂


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