Distance objects and the fog settings

From Beta Forum

Q: Is there a way to make objects very far away not have opacity?I’m making a large island and there’s a mountain far away that looks transparent, it only fixes when i get close to it. but is there a way to make it always solid? it kinda ruins the environment


What you mightbe seeing is that the fog is covereing up the mountain. Fog is dont in a different way in our engine. The global fog uses the sky image.

Try stamping a Sun & Sky gadget (found in Gadgets > Cameras & Lighting) and at the bottom of the second page is a Fog Range. Crank that value right up and you should be able to see your mountain a lot clearer.


What you are noticing is the fog range in the level.
You can change that by stamping in a Sun&Sky gadget found in Cameras&Lighting section.
Tweak the gadget and on the second page you can increase the fog range at the bottom to suit your needs 🙂


Things in Dreams will automatically fade into the distance, but you can control how far that distance is.

To do that, you’ll need to place a Sun & Sky gadget into your level. You can find this in the Gadgets menu, in the “Cameras & Lighting” section.

Once you’ve stamped one of these down, tweak it by hovering it and pressing L1+Square. On page 2 of the tweaks, you’ll see a slider called Fog Range. If you’re finding the fog kicks in too soon, then ramp up that value.


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