Move Controller Shortcuts

By Ergo-boy

Shortcuts as seen in Kareem’s video

Zoom: Secondary triangle + tap move button
Grabbing: Primary T (trigger)
Move buttons work whilst holding an object
Realign object to nearest 90 degrees: Grab + primary triangle
Scale: 2nd Circle + Twist (Tip sensitive) – works while grabbed
Flipping: Grab + secondary square + gesture direction
Delete: Primary Triange
Undo: Rotate primary clockwise / anticlockwise + Primary square
Click / select: Primary X
Hold X to swipe over / gather selections
Select all objects in scene / group: Double click
Clone: (Sheep): Secondary triangle + Grab (primary T). (Works with scale simultaneously).
Secondary triangle acts like shift button
Repeat clone: Clone + primary triangle / primary square
Scope into group: Select item / group + arrow in menu
Scope in: Secondary triangle + primary X while hovering over what want to scope into
Scope out: Secondary triangle + primary circle
Sculpt mode will automatically be activated when scoping into a sculpt

Sculpt Mode:
Switch between additive / subtractive: Tap secondary sphere to base of primary controller
Move tool (button = crossed arrows) required to move individual edits (44 mins)
Free-form shape gesture / Form state: Tap two spheres together. Secondary T to freeze / confirm shape
Smear / stamp toggle: Primary triangle (when holding thing you want to smear or stamp)
Soft blend (stamp only): secondary square + twist
Soft blend works on spray paint effects
Blend works with cut / subtract
Make hole in shape (51 mins): Secondary Circle + rotate (before committing shape)
Section (half / quarter / full): Primary square (while in form state)
Extrude: In form state, get to hollow point (really flat wire frame) and you can extrude
Also use upright guide to keep it 90deg to grid

Soft / hard blend toggle: In single stamp mode – while blending – secondary square + Triangle moves between soft and hard blend
Looseness: Secondary X + twist
Toggle looseness (uniform / variable): Secondary Triangle + twist
Spin: Double click secondary Circle + T to spin
Stop spinning: Tap with secondary T

Mirror gesture: Tap bases / bottom of controllers. Mirror plane established on first edit
Colour picker gesture: Primary sphere to secondary base
Add colour to pallet with plus sign
Tumbler: drag using primary T button
(Circle to close menu)
Spin using primary T button

Paint mode:

Twisting does different things
Scatter: Secondary X + twist
Soft blend: Square + twist
Scatter and fade good for clouds
Opacity: Secondary square
Context sensitive use of buttons

Coat style & Effects:
Coat tool: Tinting (Primary T) – can be add and subtract
Volume: When in coat style – scale using circle.
Works with select – can apply to multiple selections


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