They played my level!

So in the latest Beta stream  Media Molecule played a load of community levels and some of my creations turned up. Lovely surprise, and as a personal goal for Dreams I was thrilled.

First of all they showed OgtheClever’s Duck Quacks Dont Echo. He had asked on the forum for a duck model and I made a wood duck decoy for him, which he used (to my amazement). So that was fun.

Later they showed Slayer Scrolls by LifeTookLemons who had used a lot of my Medieval props and figures. These were my first ever sculpts so they were a bit rough ( I have since altered the man because his outfit wasn’t really attached to him correctly). It was really weird seeing my characters in a story setting. Loved it though.

And after over an hour and a half of really great levels they showed Who’s Afraid of the Dark? by ME. It was torture watching the stream seeing my level there while they glossed over it constantly. I really thought they were going to miss it, and/or run out of time to show it. But they did finally play it, which was amazing. Unfortunately they showed up a fault in my hub world which I have now corrected – (I forgot to reset the choice if you hovered over library). It looked good on the stream. It is based on a Project Spark game called Dying Light by AnAverageRecon who I think is called Aecert on Dreams. I really loved this game and I do not think it got enough plays on Spark and was hideously downvoted by people disappointed it wasn’t a zombie game. I thought the game mechanic was too good to be left unseen on the closed servers. I put my own flavour to it. The character does not glow like the one in the original game, so you are in total darkness until you create a spirit. The spirits are also outlines of yourself and not the solid copy. I made the music for parts 1 and 3 and made a piece using loops of Media Molecule clips on 2. I was really pleased with the way my environments look in the dark and it plays really well. Only issue is the scoreboard does not work, and I have tried for hours to fix it, but cant. I have requested help on the forums but no one has come forward.

I do not expect this to ever happen again, as there are many amazing artists on Dreams producing fantastic and professional looking stuff, but then again I said that about Project Spark after they showed Murder is Random, and they did show my other stuff after that, so maybe there is a chance that I might do something noteworthy, but if I don’t then at least I have this (and maybe I can spot some of my objects in other people’s levels).



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