Many More Tips, Tricks and Beta Creations

Created by Media Molecule
Date: Twitch 24 Jan 2019
Length: 2:12:57


Another Beta Stream with Community levels and a couple of tutorials

Moonlighting Molecules

Planetoid Pandemonium by Tom (ninjuana)
Captain Shadow by  Steve (steve_big_guns)
Alien thirst by Pablo (kednar)

Community levels
Shifting Islands by SlurmMackenzie
Ka-boom! by Eighbeaux
Battle Tops by Surnasshu
Duck Quacks Don’t Echo by OgtheClever
Comet Grab by Trench Bucket
Home by Entropy-Tamed
The Adventures of Skelekid by SuperLuigiBroos
Llama Quest by j_plusb
Calma Llama Down by electrofawn
Otto’s Misadventure in the Wonderverse by DrunkenFist_Lee
Zomborg Mk1 by Typhus667
Father&Son and Chocolate & toys by chellssey
Dungy by Redrum237
Galactic Dreamcade by Kalapixie
Robotic Uprising by Kalapixie
Reflection by SlurmMackenzie
Metro – Realistic Visual Benchmark by X_DISARMED_PRO_X
Telekinesis Meeces by DirtyHarolds
Sacred Geometry by Amenjo1
Slayer Scrolls an RPG by LifeTookLemons
Bella’s Reverie by Bella_Iris
Demon’s Penance Teaser by Tomek_Mrozinski
Random 2d Sketchbook by spiderdrummer
Stag beetle by mono71usa
Allie-WIP by Tyldove
Dancing Dog by Dreeko
Katana showcase by boost4444
RoBoP by GamerGirlAlexe
Abandoned Industrial Showcase by Lucid_Stew
Not so Dark Swamp by carn_alty
Bear Fan by Colarr_
Utopian Interitus No 4 by DiamondDiancie10
Face Sculpture Practice by Tyldove
Jumping Spider by HydroFrog64
Tottsville on the Rocks by flippy3007
Comic book ink shading trick tutorial by Flipyap
Into Descent by AppleSquidd
STRANGERS Teaser (Animated Text Adventure) by Zebra Turt-le
Shatterpoint by Tristaneed
Animated controllable hand Randomised to Music Output by Skillphiliac
Who’s afraid of the dark? by LadylexUK
Headplant 5 min short film by grampe_gamer
Apartment ETF by espen_tf
The Encounter by big surf77

Robot Voice
Working with the Grid


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